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16 Funny Sign Fails That Will Make You Shake Your Head So Hard

"This library is now selling free coffee for $1."

1. This sign for hard people.

Vengedpotty / Via

2. This sign that makes it look like McDonald's is selling a 10 pound bag of mice for $1.00.

Zaffrie / Via

3. This sign for funnel cakes that look like a giant deuce.

187TROOPER / Via

4. This sign advertising maple syrup that just doesn't quite look right.

OneBakingPanda / Via

5. This sign advertising assorted crackers that had an unfortunate abbreviation.

MrToasti6 / Via

6. This sign that looks like it's saying a toddler needs booze.

ProgVal / Via

7. This sign emphatically letting you know that, "YOU ARE NOT OUR TROLLIES."

TheBombayMixer / Via

8. This sign that's aggressively informing you that they're hiring.

NahAnyway / Via

9. This sign that's partially blocked so you can't tell exactly what it's assking for.

Mr4NAs / Via

10. This speed limit sign that appears to be telling people how many kids they're allowed to have.

Orange-Crocs / Via

11. This sign made by someone who should look for the definition of "free" in one of the library's dictionaries.

GallowPlaceholder / Via

12. This coffee shop's sign that's seeking experienced sandwiches.

papertigur / Via

13. The very unclear burger babble on this sign.

ToastyBooty / Via

14. This sign encouraging you to, "Get good news! One buy, free two."

thenickandrew / Via

15. This unclear sign that could be pointing customers and deliveries in either direction.

mattk1017 / Via

16. And finally, this sign that looks like someone named Ming is suggesting we end global war.

southerncoop / Via

H/T to r/crappydesign.

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