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16 Funny Sign Fails That Will Make You Shake Your Head So Hard

"This library is now selling free coffee for $1."

1. This sign for hard people.

2. This sign that makes it look like McDonald's is selling a 10 pound bag of mice for $1.00.

3. This sign for funnel cakes that look like a giant deuce.

4. This sign advertising maple syrup that just doesn't quite look right.

5. This sign advertising assorted crackers that had an unfortunate abbreviation.

6. This sign that looks like it's saying a toddler needs booze.

7. This sign emphatically letting you know that, "YOU ARE NOT OUR TROLLIES."

8. This sign that's aggressively informing you that they're hiring.

9. This sign that's partially blocked so you can't tell exactly what it's assking for.

10. This speed limit sign that appears to be telling people how many kids they're allowed to have.

11. This sign made by someone who should look for the definition of "free" in one of the library's dictionaries.

12. This coffee shop's sign that's seeking experienced sandwiches.

13. The very unclear burger babble on this sign.

14. This sign encouraging you to, "Get good news! One buy, free two."

15. This unclear sign that could be pointing customers and deliveries in either direction.

16. And finally, this sign that looks like someone named Ming is suggesting we end global war.

H/T to r/crappydesign.