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    May 7, 2017

    16 Electronics From Your Childhood That You Completely Forgot Existed

    You remember Tamagotchis and Nintendo 64s, but what about all the OTHER electronics?

    1. Speak & Spell

    A fun tool used to improve your spelling via the assistance of a demon possessed voice.

    2. HitClips

    At the time they seemed awesome, but looking back they just played us 60-second increments of our favorite popular songs.

    3. The iMac G3

    Wikipedia / Via

    They had different colored backs and appeared in school computer labs across the globe.

    4. Virtual Boy

    It was like staring into a bright red LED alarm clock, and you worried you'd permanently damage your eyes if you played too long, but aside from that the Virtual Boy was great.

    5. VHS Rewinders

    These were such a valuable asset when you wanted to watch movies back-to-back without having to occupy your VCR rewinding tapes in-between.

    6. The MiniDisc Walkman

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    This was actually much more portable and travel friendly than a traditional Discman, which is probably how they managed to stay in production for like 20 years before dying off entirely in 2011. Who knew they were even around that recently?

    7. The 2-XL Robot.

    This felt like the most futuristic toy back in the day, capable of random things from playing memory games to telling jokes.

    8. Zune

    The iPod's short-lived MP3 playing rival that put up a valiant, but futile fight.

    9. PalmPilot

    There were geared more towards adults, but the little stylus was so high-tech looking that you couldn't help but want to mess around with one.

    10. Pocket Locker

    This was basically a PalmPilot for kids.

    11. Yak Bak

    Somehow, a small device that could simply playback whatever phrase you said into it repeatedly seemed like brilliant technology back in the day.

    12. i-Zone Pocket Camera

    Back when portable, instant photos were a rarity, these things were a hot commodity.

    13. TalkBoy

    Of course you're reminded of it every December when Home Alone 2: Lost in New York airs countless times, but it also resulted in spinoff products, like the Talkboy Pen and Talkboy Watch.

    14. Sega Game Gear

    It never outdid its nemesis, Nintendo's Gameboy, but Sega's handheld system was a solid option AND they even made a ~ TV Tuner ~ for it, allowing you to watch television on that little Game Gear screen, which had color before Gameboy.

    15. Tiger Handheld Games

    There were so many options — bowling, pinball, throwing newspapers on Paperboy. It also seemed like EVERY TV show and movie had a Tiger Handheld game for it, from Full House to Home Alone.

    16. VideoNow

    Further proof that people were oddly into all things portable during the '90s-early 2000s. Each disc could only store half an hour of video, but it was awesome to be able to watch an episode of Dexter's Laboratory in the car.

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