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16 Electronics From Your Childhood That You Completely Forgot Existed

You remember Tamagotchis and Nintendo 64s, but what about all the OTHER electronics?

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6. The MiniDisc Walkman

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This was actually much more portable and travel friendly than a traditional Discman, which is probably how they managed to stay in production for like 20 years before dying off entirely in 2011. Who knew they were even around that recently?


14. Sega Game Gear

It never outdid its nemesis, Nintendo's Gameboy, but Sega's handheld system was a solid option AND they even made a ~ TV Tuner ~ for it, allowing you to watch television on that little Game Gear screen, which had color before Gameboy.

15. Tiger Handheld Games

There were so many options — bowling, pinball, throwing newspapers on Paperboy. It also seemed like EVERY TV show and movie had a Tiger Handheld game for it, from Full House to Home Alone.

16. VideoNow

Further proof that people were oddly into all things portable during the '90s-early 2000s. Each disc could only store half an hour of video, but it was awesome to be able to watch an episode of Dexter's Laboratory in the car.