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16 Magnificent Thanksgiving Episodes From TV Shows That Aren’t “Friends”

From Seinfeld, to Hey Arnold.

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1. Hey Arnold, “Arnold’s Thanksgiving”


Arnold and Helga both leave home after being annoyed with their respective families on Thanksgiving. Then they run into each other and bond over how unhappy their home lives are, going to Mr. Simmons' house in search of a perfect Thanksgiving situation. They wind up finding out that his household is dysfunctional too, and the moral of the episode is that pretty much everyone's home has some unique madness, but it’s still your family. Oh, by the way, this episode is famous for its alleged ass eating scene.

Watch the episode here.

2. Full House, “The Miracle of Thanksgiving"

Warner Bros. Television

This was only the ninth episode of the series, and it's Danny's first Thanksgiving without his late wife. When the girls' grandma is stranded at home by a snowstorm, the three men are left to prepare a meal at home, which leads to tragic turkey and pie. This episode was heavy with the emotions, as Uncle Jesse was still coping with the death of his sister.

3. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, “There’s The Rub” Part 1 & 2

Warner Bros. Television

Uncle Phil throws out his back, so Will suggests they go to a massage parlor, only the women there offer them a little more than your run-of-the-mill massage, and the two are arrested. While they’re locked up, Will’s mom and aunt get competitive with their cooking, while Hilary and Carlton volunteer at a homeless shelter, so there’s lots of funny and lots of feels.

Watch the episode here.

4. Boy Meets World, “Turkey Day”


Cory and Shawn win a free turkey and stuffing so they decide to bring both of their families together for a joint Thanksgiving feast. It doesn’t go well, as Shawn’s parents, who live in a trailer park, don’t mesh with Cory’s parents, in an episode that touches on social class and our treatment of one another, regardless of where they live or what they have.


5. That '70s Show, “Thanksgiving”

Carsey-Werner Productions

Laurie brings her friend Kate to Thanksgiving, and Eric has the hots for her, which bothers Donna and leads to some funny, festive moments.

Watch the episode here.

6. Gilmore Girls, "A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving"

Lorelai and Rory have an overwhelming four Thanksgiving dinners to attend, so of course hijinks ensue. This episode includes moments like Lorelai finding out that Rory applied to colleges other than Harvard, and some human Kirk, cat Kirk interaction.

Watch the episode here.

7. Home Improvement, “A Frozen Moment”

Buena Vista Television

It’s Thanksgiving day and Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor builds a Christmas Village, and forces the family to wear holiday themed outfits, in the hopes of capturing the perfect Christmas card.

8. Martin, "Feast or Famine"

Warner Bros. Television Distribution

On this Thanksgiving special, the girls challenge the guys to a cooking competition, and of course it’s a giant, hilarious mess once the guys realize that they’re not going to win, and resort to questionable strategies to level the playing field.


9. The King of Queens, “Loaner Car"


Deacon is struggling to prepare Thanksgiving dinner all by himself, so Carrie tries to assist, but things don’t go as smoothly as expected. Then Deacon ditches Carrie for Holly, and Doug tries to lie about it, and it turns into one big attempt at a holiday betrayal cover up.

10. King of the Hill, “Happy Hank’s Giving”

20th Television

On Thanksgiving Eve, the Hill family is planning to head to Montana for the holiday, but they’re stranded at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport along with their neighbors. It’s an episode about one of the unfortunate aspects of traveling during the holidays that many of us know all too well.

11. The Simpsons, “Bart vs. Thanksgiving”


In this episode Bart does a very Bart thing: pissing off his entire family by accidentally tossing their centerpiece into the fireplace, then running away from home. While out Bart winds up on the news, where he’s spotted on TV by his family who want him to return. Bart’s imagination makes him fear his family won’t forgive him, but ultimately he comes to a realization that makes him thankful and things wind up all warm and Thanksgivingy.

12. Rugrats, "The Turkey Who Came To Dinner"


All of the kids' families join together for Thanksgiving dinner, but things go awry when it's discovered that nobody brought a turkey. Stu is trying to setup satellite dishes for football games while Didi and company are trying to acquire a turkey, meanwhile the kids are trying to save a live turkey from being cooked for dinner.

Watch the episode here.


13. George Lopez, “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner, Honey?”

Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution

George discovers Benny had a one-night stand with one of her co-workers many years ago. He then invites him to Thanksgiving dinner under the assumption that he is his actual father.

14. Seinfeld, “The Mom and Pop Store”

Sony Pictures Television

Jerry wonders if he’s actually been invited to a Thanksgiving-Eve party while Kramer helps to prevent a small shoe repair business from going under. George purchases a convertible he believes once belonged to John Voight and Elaine wins a radio contest.

Watch the episode here.

15. Kenan & Kel, “Turkey Day”


Kel is invited to Kenan’s house for Thanksgiving dinner, but his parents unexpectedly leave for the hospital to visit a sick family member. Kel cannot hold back his appetite and consumed the entire turkey by himself. They must figure out what to do before Kenan’s parents return.

16. Married… with Children, “A Bundy Thanksgiving”

Sony Pictures Television

Al and Griff go to visit aunt Maddie seeking her famous homemade pie for Thanksgiving, but she has unexpectedly passed away. Meanwhile, the stores have sold out of turkey, but a stray has followed Kelly back to the house.