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    15 Tiny, Interesting Details From “I Am Legend” That You Might’ve Missed

    "Infected dogs can come out at dusk."

    1. This sign posted on a cabinet door foreshadows Robert and Sam's encounter with infected dogs.

    2. The bottle of liquid Neville occasionally squirts is vinegar, used to cover his scent so the Darkseekers can't track him.

    3. The news ticker stating that the Patriots beat the Giants twice in a season and Shaq announced plans to retire in 2010 were both close, but slightly off in real life.

    4. The gas prices grew insanely high before society completely collapsed.

    5. There's a giant sign advertising a Batman v Superman movie, though it didn't come until 2016.

    6. There's also a Green Lantern poster visible, which Warner Bros. released a movie of in 2011.

    7. The mannequin Robert is trying to flirt with is standing in the adult video section.

    8. Fred the mannequin's head turns very subtly, which likely represents just how fragile Neville's mental state is.

    9. Robert Neville's daughter seen in the flashbacks is played by Will Smith's real life daughter, Willow.

    10. When Neville walks into the kitchen where Anna and Ethan are, he has a vision of his late wife and daughter for a split second.

    11. Robert Neville's house had several famous paintings hanging on the walls, perhaps taken from museums after the crisis began.

    12. Despite many viewers thinking the Darkseekers are zombies, they're actually blood-craving vampire type monsters, which is why Neville's blood draws one into his trap.

    13. Will Smith sings the same lyrics from "I Shot The Sheriff" that he once sang on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

    14. There are some parallels between Neville's state of mind and the Shrek scene he recites. Donkey is impressed by Shrek taking out some guards, just as Anna took out Darkseekers to save Neville. Also, Donkey says, "I don't have any friends, and I'm not going out there by myself," which mirrors Neville's attitude following Sam's death.

    15. Butterflies are placed throughout the movie and Neville sees them as a supernatural sign, right before he sacrifices himself to save Anna and Ethan.