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15 Times People Did Exactly What Was Asked Of Them In The Most Facepalm Way Possible

When you do exactly what's asked of you, but still fail...

1. Whoever heard "cheese fries with extra cheese" and served this.

s0kri5py / Via

2. Whoever engraved this message.

awesomeduuuu / Via

3. Whoever was asked to list a "best before" day on this lettuce and did just that.

Toukoxxx / Via

4. Whoever was told to add a breaking news banner.

mikeliddle / Via

5. Whoever was told to write in the first name and last name of a suspect.

T0rp3d0 / Via

6. Whoever said they'd refill the printer with a new package of paper.

Scaulbylausis / Via

7. Whoever wrote this food description and worried that it was too long.

No_Dana_Only_Zuul / Via

8. Whoever did this when they were asked to make an egg and cheese bagel.


9. Whoever said they'd cut this pizza.

coffecup1978 / Via

10. Whoever was told to label this dessert with an expiration date.

Saaaammmm05 / Via

11. Whoever was asked to put clothes on this mannequin.

EkkoWan / Via

12. Whoever was asked to write a disclaimer mentioning the "legal stuff" and did so without any actual detail.

AVerySillyMuffin / Via

13. Whoever was asked to stick price tags on the butter.

SaltOver9000 / Via

14. Whoever was asked to put a new roll of paper towels on the rack.

cloudhacker / Via

15. And finally, whoever was asked to make a chocolate chip muffin and truly made A CHOCOLATE CHIP muffin.

62302154065198762349 / Via

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