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    15 New Mandela Effect Examples That Are Going To Turn Your Brain To Mush

    Either a lot of folks have trash memory, or something very weird is happening.

    The first 20 Mandela Effect examples were a trip, now here are some more.

    1. The number of rings Target's bullseye logo has.

    Target / Getty

    Some people passionately insist that the Target logo used to look different, recalling there being more rings. In actuality, the one farthest to the left is the correct one.

    2. In the Saw movies, Jigsaw doesn't say "Would you like to play a game?" or "Do you want to play a game?"

    Lionsgate Films

    Despite others remembering it differently, Jigsaw actually says, "I want to play a game."

    3. The "What if I told you everything you knew was a lie?" line in The Matrix is a lie.

    Warner Bros.

    Despite there being countless "What if I told you..." memes, and several people saying they specifically remember it being a line, at no point in any of The Matrix trilogy does Morpheus say that.

    4. Ned Stark never says, "Brace yourselves..."


    The "Brace yourselves..." memes really took off, though there's no Game of Thrones episode during which he actually says that.

    5. The Laughing Cow's missing gold nose ring.

    The Laughing Cow / Via

    Nose rings are typically seen on bulls, not cows, yet people say they remember The Laughing Cow logo specifically rocking a gold nose ring.

    6. The color of Tony the Tiger's nose.


    Many recall the cereal mascot's nose being black, but it's actually blue.

    7. "Alaskan Airlines" has changed to "Alaska Airlines."

    @alaskaair / Via

    "Alaskan Airlines" isn't a thing, despite some people remembering it to be.

    8. "Sketchers" or "Skechers" sketchiness.


    Despite many believing the shoe company's name was spelled S-K-E-T-C-H-E-R-S, there is no T.

    9. White-Out is actually Wite-Out.


    If "Wite-Out" doesn't look right to you, you're not alone. People seem to think they remember it being "White-Out" once upon a time.

    10. The Tinker Bell Disney intro that doesn't exist.


    Many people distinctly recall an intro in which Tinker Bell flew across the screen writing out "Disney," then dotted the "i" with her wand. While there are multiple Tinkerbell intros like this one, or this one, she doesn't draw out Disney in them.

    11. The turkey leg in Henry VIII's hand.

    Hans Holbein the Younger / Via

    There's a famous portrait of Henry VII, and many people seem to remember him depicted with a turkey leg in his hand. In actuality he's holding his gloves.

    12. Ricky never said, "Lucy, you got some 'splaining to do."

    CBS Television Distribution

    Even if you've never seen an episode of I Love Lucy, you've probably heard someone utter the phrase, "Lucy, you've got some 'splaning to do." Oddly, it turns out that Ricky never said that.

    13. Jesse Pinkman never said, "Yeah, science, bitch!"


    Jesse said "bitch" numerous times throughout Breaking Bad, and he once "Yeah, science," but he never said "Yeah, science, bitch!" despite it being all the memes that suggest otherwise.

    14. The placement of "The Thinker" statue's hand.

    August Rodin / Andrew Horne / Via

    There's a famous statue of a man resting his chin on his hand, however many folks recall him resting his forehead on his fist. Most interesting are the amount of written texts in which people describe it being his forehead, not his chin.

    15. The order of colors on traffic lights.


    Some folks recall the order of traffic light colors being green at the top, then yellow, then red. In reality, it's red, yellow, green.

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