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14 Tiny Little Details You May Not Have Noticed In "Suicide Squad"

The stuff that may've slipped past you in this ACADEMY AWARD–WINNING FILM.

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3. During the introduction to Dr. June Moone and Rick Flag, we see June in a bathtub filled with grass — specifically panicum capillare, aka "witchgrass." It's known to be used to stave off evil or attract lovers, both of which apply to June/Enchantress's story.


5. When the Joker is shown in his home surrounded by a bevy of weapons, there are also baby clothes, indicating that perhaps he and Harley want children. Later in the film, Harley even daydreams of a normal life with her, the Joker, and their little ones.


10. The gold gun the Joker fires from a helicopter looks a lot like the gold gun Michael Peña's character finds in End of Watch, which, like Suicide Squad, is a David Ayer movie.

11. Harley Quinn is briefly seen wearing her red and black outfit made famous in Batman: The Animated Series. She's dancing with the Joker, recreating the cover from the Batman: Harley Quinn comic.

13. Deadshot's collar has the text "I AM THE LIGHT, THE WAY" on it, a reference to Bible verse John 14:6, which says: Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the light. No one comes to the Father except through me."

14. The book Harley Quinn is seen reading in prison is fitting of she and the Joker's story. Here's how Amazon describes the story: "A bad boy rides into town on his motorcycle — and teaches the girl next door to lose control when it comes to desire."