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11 Times Negan And Lucille Were Relationship Goals

They're quite the power couple. (WARNING: Contains spoilers.)

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2. When Negan shows Lucille off to everyone so proudly.


Sharing a picture of your partner on Instagram is cute and all, but Negan flaunts his beloved Lucille directly in front of people's face.


9. And Lucille isn’t worried when Negan is with another deadly weapon.


Guns, rocket launchers, candlesticks -- Negan holds other projectiles and blunt force objects, and Lucille doesn't mind...mainly because she's an inanimate object, but still.

11. When Negan and Lucille have no shame doing mushy-gushy stuff.


Some couples refrain from showing public displays of affection, but not Negan and Lucille. They're so mushy, and so, so gushy.


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