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Couples Tried Famous Movie Kisses And It Was Really Cute

There was a lot of tongue.

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We brought four couples in to reenact famous movie kisses. Here's what happened...

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This couple wasn't sure kissing in the ocean was such a good idea, but were still willing to go for the steamy beach kiss in From Here To Eternity. / Via BuzzFeed Yellow

This guy knew he was ready to tackle the famous upside-down Spiderman kiss, because he basically is Spiderman. / Via BuzzFeed Yellow

This guy hit on a basic truth about Ryan Gosling and boyfriend material. / Via BuzzFeed Yellow

And this couple couldn't get over their uncanny resemblance to lady and the tramp. / Via BuzzFeed Yellow

It was time to get down to it. These two totally nailed the Spiderman kiss! / Via BuzzFeed Yellow

And this black and white beach kiss was perfectly ocean-less. / Via BuzzFeed Yellow

And OMG, Gosling? Is that you?! / Via BuzzFeed Yellow

But the award for most doglike humans has to go to these two. / Via BuzzFeed Yellow

Now, get out there and reenact your favorite movie kiss! But make sure to stretch your mouth first. / Via BuzzFeed Yellow
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