There Is A Skeleton Word Play House In New Orleans And It’s Bad To The Bone.

This house on St. Charles Avenue is killing it! All total there are 55 full skeletons, several animal skeletons, myriad body parts and a whole lot of awesome.

1. The King is there.

2. As is Little Orphan Annie.

3. A legend of comedy had to be there.

4. As well as a legend of pop culture.

5. Here is an all-star musical line-up.

6. A dapper couple guards the gate.

7. And another less dapper couple is there as well.

8. Some of the skeletons are just being normal.

9. A local musician making it big had to be included.

10. A classic painting made the cut.

11. As did a great sculpture.

12. A nod to politics.

13. These two seem a likely pair.

14. This was by far the healthiest of the bunch.

15. Thanks, but no thanks.

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