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Masks Made From Sneakers Are Terrifingly Awesome!

Gary Lockwood, aka Freehand Profit, is an artist who deconstructs shoes and transforms them into bad-ass masks. There are tons more at his site,

christopherfreeman8 5 years ago

Which BuzzFeed Quiz Are You?

Because QUIZ...Yay!

christopherfreeman8 5 years ago

Boston Has Baseball's Baddest Beards. Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid St. Louis.

The World Series starts tonight! For all of you non-baseball fans here is why St. Louis will probably, very assuredly, definitely lose.

christopherfreeman8 6 years ago

There Is A Skeleton Word Play House In New Orleans And It's Bad To The Bone.

This house on St. Charles Avenue is killing it! All total there are 55 full skeletons, several animal skeletons, myriad body parts and a whole lot of awesome.

christopherfreeman8 6 years ago

A Couple Built A House Of Windows In West Virgina That Is Magical

Nick Olson and Lilah Horwitz made their own hideaway in paradise and redefined "dream home."

christopherfreeman8 6 years ago

All 32 NFL Quarterbacks Ranked By Their Post-Game Style

Look good, feel good. Feel good, play good. Or at least it seems to be true pretty much sometimes. Is anyone surprised to see Jacksonville and Cleveland bringing up the rear?

christopherfreeman8 6 years ago

The National Beard And Moustache Championships Happened Saturday And It Was Glorious

New Orleans was invaded by by some of the country's gnarliest facial hair yesterday, and it pretty much ruled.

christopherfreeman8 6 years ago