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26 People Reveal The 'One Thing They Wish They Could Change About Themselves'

You aren’t the only one who is unhappy with yourself- if that’s comforting in any way. After weeding through around 170 responses on subject of self-change (from both reddit and my personal website) here’s what I was left with:

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If I could change one thing, it would be my gender. I was born in the wrong body and truly hate myself because of it.


i wish i could have been born in the 70s or 80s and had a chance to steal uma thurman or kate moss's heart


I would want to be pretty. I know that sounds superficial but I feel like if I was prettier, I would be taken more seriously because looks mean a lot in this society.


I hate that I'm not a person my younger self would be proud to become


The one thing I want to change about me is I can't tell people my feelings. To my close & loved ones. I know they know I love them but it would have been better if I could express it freely.


my immense insecurity/fear of imperfection


I wish i was confident the way i used to be when i was 5.


if there was one thing i wish i could change about myself it would be my indecisiveness. i never know what i want, why i want it, or if there even is an 'it'. i wish i could set my mind to something and not doubt and/or question myself about it. for instance, the amount of times i retyped this and changed my answer is actually absurd. until i realized, the thing i wish i could change is the reason i change everything so much!


If I could change one thing about myself I would want to no longer feel any pain physically and emotionally


As a 5'1 petite girl, I don't get taken very seriously until I talk.
Wish I was more intimidating at first site.


I want to be a "the cup is half full" person but, we all know its half empty.


I don't like my legs. I wish I'd have a thigh gap.


I would change the fact that I'm so awkward around people. I want to be able to talk to people without worrying that I'll say the wrong thing and they'll hate me.


I hate that I lack self discipline. If I had discipline I could do and be so much more.


If I could change one thing about myself it would be the scars on my arms and thigh. You asked for or thing so there you go. But the list is longer than that. My weight, my body shape, hair, eyes, personality, etc.


My skin. I'd like to feel confident in my skin with out make up.

Jay Kay

I'm 5'0 and I wish I was taller and a little thinner and I also wish I could run faster because if someone ever attacked me, I'd be a goner.


My weight. I'd be happier and feel better about myself.


I would change the way that I always allow other peoples' perceptions of me to alter the way I view myself


One thing I'd change about me: I'm invisible and only noticed when I've done something awkward or creepy. So, I'd like to stop doing awkward and creepy things, and be noticed for who I am and not for the social awkwardness that exudes from me. :(


if there was one thing I could change about myself it would be not to care so much about what others think of me


Self appearance! I want to be more healthier, more active and social. But the only thing thats stopping me is how I look!


Physically, I wish to change my big forehead… or as people call it, my "seven-head". Mentally, I wish to prevent myself from failures to my parents and family relatives. My parents always expect so much from me because of how… "perfect" my brothers are, and since I'm the youngest, I'm expected to be like them. If not like them, better. I'm also socially awkward, and that's another thing I want to change about myself. (I know put "ONE" thing in caps, but I wasn't capable of just saying one; I felt as if it wasn't enough.)


I would change the shape of my nose


I have so many to choose from but if I had to pick it would be my teeth.


In all honestly, I wouldn't wanna change anything about myself, and i know a lot of people would contradict me but you were given this body that you have grown so accustom too. Your given a body that you should love, and you shouldn't be changing it in anyways especially if it's for someone else. Someone will come one day and love you for exactly who you are, I mean at the end of the day. Why spend beautiful hours of your life contemplating your perfectly gorgeous body and looks when you have a world of mysteries to discover

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