Christine browns
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    • Christine browns

      1. Yes, but dove purposefully selected that clip to air in their commercial, therefore it is now,officially dove’s voice.
      2. Maybe it is based on research, but definitely not all women have body dysmorphia. Ps, what this commercial is portraying IS body dysmorphia. I personally think I am pretty, a few flaws, but over all pretty. I would not describe myself in the depressing way these women did . I think also the set up may have suggested to them that they were meant to discuss flaws, whereas the strangers were being kind (not too kind or inaccurate, just kind as in not gossipy, critical, catty). We all know we have heard people brag about their looks and other people rip them to shreds. Also, women are social conditioned that vanity is not acceptable so maybe for this reason they didn’t want to appear vain to whomever they thought was judging this project.
      3. The original poster clearly said “attractive to traditional standards”. What they are trying to say is dove purposefully excluded people from this experiment who didn’t adhere to a traditional beauty standard. That means dove thinks people with acne are not attractive enough to b in their campaign. I think the original poster also meant that by doing this dove asks us to overlook that while a stranger might kindly describe a pretty person, I think we have all heard the exaggerated, cruel way people sometimes describe people who don’t fit the beauty standard. Overlooking how cruel people are to people who are maybe actually attractive but don’t fit a traditional beauty standard is insulting to everyone. What if you actually look like the picture on the left? Then dove says “buy our product to become the right”. One girl sighs “what a relief to know I don’t have dark circles” obviously the message is that if you do you should buy doves eye cream, thanks dove!
      4. Blah blah not important
      5. They have lots of men’s products. Why don’t they have more? Because they are taking advantage of the very insecurities discussed in this video! Beauty companies CREATED women’s insecurities about things like deodorant and eyeliner…targeting women specifically with their ads. Then, they profited from insecurities, and now to pass the buck they try to do ads like this.  Anyway, what do you work for dove? Maybe some people don’t think it is bullshit….but I definitely do.

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