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What It's Like To Play Battlefront As Described By Star Wars Gifs

If I get one more critical kill assist...

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1. When your first match is loading, and you hear that beautiful John Williams music.

Primo GIF / Via

2. When you destroy someone with the pulse cannon or cycler rifle.


Definitive proof that I've got the skillz.

3. When poor internet connection causes the game to lag.


I would have gotten the kill if that stormtrooper hadn't suddenly jumped 5 feet to the left.

4. When you kill more than two people with a thermal imploder.



5. When your team doesn't seem to understand how to defend a control point.


Another supremacy match lost in 2 minutes? Awesome, guys. Really great.

6. When you totally thought you got the AT-ST power-up, but it turns out someone else got it a second before you.

7. When you finally get the AT-ST power-up.



8. When you respawn right in front of a hoard of enemies and are killed immediately.


Why you gotta do that, Battlefront?? Why???

9. When you get to be a hero.


Saber throw ALL DAY.

10. When you just want to play Extraction, but Heroes and Villains keeps coming up.


Come on, EA. Fix this already.

11. When you keep getting killed by the same A-Wing while you're on the ground.

12. When you're the A-Wing.

13. When you avenge your partner's death while playing in a party.

Speak Gif

14. When you've gotten your fill of the video game, so you sit back and enjoy one of the movies instead.


Gotta memorize The Force Awakens somehow, right?

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