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A Compendium Of All Known Sushi Mashups

Sushi burgers, sushi pizzas, sushi rolls -- oh wait, that's like regular sushi, right? I can't even remember anymore.

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In an age where food fusion is all the rage, it really should come as no surprise that people are trying radical new things with sushi. Sushi is tasty, beautiful, and extremely popular. So why not remake it into new, equally-consummable forms?

Here is a list of the sushi fusions we know of today, just to help us keep it all straight. What new fusions tomorrow will bring is really anyone's guess.

NOTE: If you are a sushi purist, you should leave now.

2. Sushi burritos

Sushirrito / Via

Originally started in California by Sushirrito, this delicious situation is basically a regular sushi roll that's been enlarged and made to fit your hand. It gives us more sushi that can be eaten more easily. What could be better?

3. Sushi tacos

Genji Izakaya / Via

To continue the Mexican-Japanese fusion, there's also sushi tacos. More a snack than a full meal, I can't help but wonder if this is just the lazy person's sushi roll. All the stuff is in there, but it's just not rolled up.

5. Sushi cakes


So this is kind of amazing for those occasions where you just want to have a whole lot of sushi and nothing but sushi. Or for the birthday of that friend who is obsessed with sushi. And you can make your own if you follow Tastemade's recipe.

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