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22 Things You'll Only Understand If You Grew Up With "Gilmore Girls"

This revival has been a long time coming.

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3. Before the joys of Netflix, you watched your Gilmore Girls DVD's so many times that the boxes aren't in their best condition.


6. You strongly considered buying way too many Gilmore Girls-related items on eBay.


Do I need Milo Ventimiglia's "OPPOSITE SEX" high school year book photo? I have no idea what that means, and am unsure why it's being sold, but sure. Why not.


17. You were even happier than you already were when President Obama was elected and re-elected, because it meant good things for Rory.

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And you realistically think about how her career is going from time to time.

19. You sobbed on the floor of your bathroom after the series finale aired, because you were so heartbroken.

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You also sobbed even harder, because you knew the cast WAS NOT AWARE the show was ending when they filmed the last episode — and that made things even worse.

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