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22 Times Sam Smith Unquestionably Served 2014

We're clearly Sam smitten.

1. When his hat exemplified his existence:

2. When he woke up like this:

3. When he sold out the biggest garden in NYC:

MY MADISON SQUARE GARDEN SHOW JUST SOLD OUT IN 30 MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4. When he got initiated into young Hollywood elite:

5. When his eyebrows slayed the world and everyone just had to deal:

6. When Selena Gomez loved him like a love song:

7. That time selfie queen, Kim Kardashian, approved of his selfie game:

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8. When One Direction praised his angelic voice:

He's the nicest. So amazing that @TheGRAMMYs are as in love with @samsmithworld as everybody else is. Good at that singing stuff isn't he.

9. That time he embraced all the good vibes:

10. The time he gave TOMS a run for their money:

11. When he couldn't open up a magazine without seeing himself:

12. That time he revealed he was the real Slim Shady:

13. When Ellen DeGeneres gave him the greatest gift ever:

14. When him and Katy Perry broke the hug cam rules:

15. The time his anaconda considered:

16. That time he stole the crown:

17. The time he suited up for his ALS Ice Bucket Challenge:

18. When he changed the Chanel:

19. The time he graced the #1s cover of Billboard Magazine:

20. The time he out-Johnny-Bravo-ed Johnny Bravo

21. When he out-emoji-ed his emoji:

22. And finally, the time he got nominated for six Grammys:

Cannot wait until February 8th! 6 GRAMMY NOMINATIONS!!! HOLY S*** #GRAMMYs

We have a clear winner here, ladies and gentlemen...