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18 Times Romeo Santos Reigned Supreme In 2014

The king stays king.

1. When he broke down his #1 album in less than 7 minutes:

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VEVO / Via youtube.com

Bachata singer-songwriter, Romeo Santos released Formula, Vol.2 in early 2014. The album not only topped Latin American charts, but U.S. Billboard Charts as well.

2. When he released the ultra hot video for his first single Propuesta Indecente (Indecent Proposal) and it got over 500 million views on YouTube:

3. When the album's second single, Odio (Hate), featuring Drake went viral:

I'm white but Odio by Romeo Santos and @Drake song makes me wanna bachata with a special lady all night long💃

and so the flawless covers began:

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ltglobalmusic / Via youtube.com

~here come the feels~

4. When he announced his tour and drove his fans completely nuts:

My bestfriends got me tickets to the Romeo Santos concert for my birthday 😩😩😩💛💛💛💛💛💛 #thebest @KathyLaRotta @krystlesophia

YAY! Finally just bought my tickets to @RomeoSantosPage concert 😍😉

Finally 😁 the anxiety was killing me. I'll see you then baby!! 😩😍😜😉💖💞💕💘 @RomeoSantosPage http://t.co/hvljORNeRV

5. When he was very much a part of People En Español's 50 Most Beautiful People list:

Romeo en la revista de @peopleenespanol 50 más bellos http://t.co/JN69GV0sef

6. When the June/July issue of Latina Magazine proved why:

The rumors are true, ladies! @RomeoSantosPage is on the cover of our “Hot Guys” issue: http://t.co/QVtU5glZLu

7. When he sold out at Yankees Stadium twice, then met #2:

8. When Rolling Stone gave their stamp of approval:

Romeo Santos recalls his rise from corner delis to Yankee Stadium before his historic Bronx show http://t.co/sXQ6cyModR

9. When he released the single, Eres Mia and it shot to #1:

"Eres Mia" es #1 en Billboard (Latin Airplay).

10. When he released one of the steamiest music videos of the year for the single:


11. When award season rolled around and the nominations had no end:

RT to vote for: @RomeoSantosPage for #AMAs Favorite Artist - Latin, vote again online: http://t.co/sarJjdqTMV

12. The time he performed at The White House:

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13. Then became homies with The President:

14. When his ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was everythinggg:

15. When Vin Diesel announced his big screen debut:

16. When he stole everyone's hearts during The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon:

17. and at Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade:

18. Finally, every time he showed his fans overwhelming gratitude:

Y a todos los #Romeistas Los amo, Los amo, Los amo..

Congrats to the King of Bachata!