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16 Times Kylie Jenner's Hair Completely Owned 2014

Don't be fooled by the locks that she's got.

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1. The young Jenner started 2014 with the coolest blond tips on planet Earth:

2. Less than two weeks later, she proceeded to chop off some her signature long locks:

3. The blond quickly rose and took over the back of her tresses:

4. A couple months later, the blonde was close to a complete takeover:

5. Instagram broke the day the starlet's hair appeared to be shorter than ever before with a full-on turquoise ombré:

6. In May, the turquoise began to seize the starlet's head:

7. She teased us all with peeks of blonde:

8. The very next month, nevertheless, she shocked the people when she said goodbye to her array of colors and went back to black:

9. She went forth and Repunzel-ed her hair in August:

10. And just when you thought her stable black mane was here to stay, she hit us with turquoise ends in September:

11. November's Eve called for a shade of gray:

12. And rocking the "Ariana Grande":

13. She did away with the gray mid-November and turquoised into Winter:

14. She opted for an mermaid-esque updo for the AMAs:

15. Then went back to black in the beginning of December:

16. What's next for Kylie Jenner's dynamic locks?

...we'll find out soon enough.

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