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24 Realities College Students Face During Syllabus Week

Are you going out tonight? Uhm HELLO yes... it's sylly week.

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1. Getting to your first class of the semester:

Paramount Pictures / Via

2. Walking into the wrong classroom:

Fox Television Animation / Via

3. Picking THE most perfect texting spot in class:

20th Television / Via

4. Seeing someone else planted on it next class:

You just messed up the unwritten seating chart, man.

5. When the syllabus for a class is longer than most of the books you've read in college thus far:

20th Television / Via

6. When the syllabus clearly states "attendance isn't mandatory":

Universal Pictures / Via

7. Having brand-new school supplies:

Roc-A-Fella Records / Via

8. "We're going to go around the room and introduce ourselves. Say your name, your major, and a fun fact about yourself..."

Bunim/Murray Productions / Via

9. When the professor tries to go past the introduction slides and onto actual course material:

Viacom International / Via

10. When the professor assigns a reading assignment during the first week of class:

NBC / Via

11. When the professor gives an actual assignment during the first week of class:

Bunim/Murray Productions / Via

12. Figuring out whether to buy the textbook for a class:

Buena Vista Television / Via

13. Calculating how expensive your textbooks are going to be in total for the semester:

Viacom Media Networks / Via

14. Skipping class thinking, It's syllabus week YOLO, only to find out the professor is a dictator and you're pretty much doomed for the rest of the semester:

15. Noticing all the new changes on campus:

RKO Radio Pictures / Via

16. Reuniting with your friends:

A24 / Via


17. Going back to dining hall food:

Columbia Pictures / Via

18. Going out every single day of the entire week:

19. When someone in your friend group isn't down to go out:

Warner Bros. Television Distribution / Via

20. Not making it past the pregame some nights because your tolerance got soft during break:

DreamWorks Pictures / Via

21. Themed parties:

The Pokémon Company / Via

22. Seeing underclassmen:

Paramount Pictures / Via

23. Seeing upperclassmen:

VEVO / Via

24. Realizing syllabus week does actually end and you actually have to get your shit together:

MTV Networks International / Via

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