27 Inevitable Feelings You Get During Finals Week

    As told by The Breakfast Club, duh.

    1. Who's dwelling on the feeling that the semester should have ended well over a month ago?

    2. Feeling that unique combination of emotions that only finals can induce:

    3. The feeling you get when you look in the mirror after yet another all-nighter:

    4. The feeling you get when you're waiting in class for your professor to hand out your death-sentence:

    5. The feeling you have when you're flipping through the exam and you realize the professor didn't even include 30% of the study guide:

    6. That regretful feeling you get when it's too late to fake sick to get out of it:

    7. That feeling you get when your professor announces that there are only 20 minutes left of the exam and you're not even through a quarter of it:

    8. Fully accepting you're going to bomb the exam, so you just finish and leave the classroom feeling deep sorrow:

    9. On a brighter note, the thought of your friend's customary end-of-the-semester banger has you feeling completely hyped! Time to blow off some steam and drink the post-exam depression away...

    10. HALT. Your group from another class wants to meet up to discuss your final project. Distraught, you make the executive decision to stay in.

    11. What you really feel about that one member of the group that won't stfu:

    12. Or that one group member that will not stop blowing up your email with questions:

    13. But nothing beats what you really feel about that one person in the group who doesn't do anything at all:

    14. That gratifying feeling of watching every group present and realizing your group actually has their shit together.

    15. That heart-warming feeling you get when surprise friendships actually form because of this forced bonding experience:

    16. What you actually feel like doing after the presentation is over:

    17. That overwhelming THANK THE LAWWWD feeling you get when it's all over:

    18. You won that battle, but you haven't won the war. That FTW feeling you get when you realize you have ONE MORE final:

    19. The feeling you get when your friends KNOW you have one more exam, but they pressure you to go out anyway:

    20. That feeling you have watching them all scram to go out, while you drown in your books and sorrow, yet again:

    21. Surpassing the feeling of delusion, due to no sleep and abusing 5-Hour Energy shots:

    22. That last-minute feeling of attempting to start a cohort with your classmates before the professor gets to class:

    23. What you really feel when the professor explicitly prohibits leaving the classroom during the exam:

    24. That feeling you get when your scanning through the exam and you actually recognize the material:

    25. The feeling you get when you see someone get up and hand their exam to the professor before you:

    26. What you really feel about the bonus question on the exam being: "If you could improve this course in any way, what would you do differently?"

    27. That dynamic jolt of energy you get it's all over.