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    • christinekikis

      I thought overall this wasavery sad article, andIwould agree with the general consensus here that it was somewhat biased. It seems to me that the best way to discern whether Asians are, indeed, attempting to look more Western (as so many Westerners like Oprah are accusing), is not to doasingle case study but rather to poll cosmetic surgeons. The article seemed to suggest that cosmetic surgeons deny that Asians are attempting to overtly look more Western, though some of the effects are similar. I’d say thatagood investigative piece would gather example photographs from cosmetic surgeons. Many patients bring photos with them to the doctors office with the features they’d like to achieve, and other doctors provide sample books. Do Westerners feature prominently in these photos?
      Iactually cried (a little) at the quote where Jiang lamented his fathers disgust at his attempts to learn Chinese. It seems he really feels out of place between the two cultures to which he should rightfully belong.Iwish him the best of luck finding comfort in his own skin, and even more luck in learning that harpie ofalanguage, 汉语. 加油!

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