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    • christineh49b2a3c03

      Maybe if you didn’t assume things about people you don’t even know, you wouldn’t sound like such an offended douchebag. I have never dated a white guy before (although the idea isn’t abhorrent to me) and the majority of the guys I have dated were Asian. I am very proud of my heritage and the fact that I am a young, successful Vietnamese American that can also speak the language fluently. But by attacking my assumed qualities, you’ve somehow taken it personally, and people only get defensive when they feel it’s personal. However, I was just pointing out that any guy can have these traits and that they are not exclusive to Asian men. I never once said that Asian men do not possess these qualities - only that some do and some don’t. STFU and recognize that this article is overly-generalizing with unrealistic expectations, as many others have so graciously pointed out. Although this article is written to improve the overall view of Asian men, it also implies that the qualities presented are not possessed by non-Asian men, which is what I am not okay with. Now, if this article was titled, “Traits to Look For in a Potential Boyfriend,” I would be all for it. But it’s not. “17 Reasons Why Asian Men Make the Best Boyfriends” singles out Asians and excludes everyone else. If there is a best, then there must be a worst, so who would you say that would be? And as for your last comment, I don’t really have the time to search the internet and respond to people who write “something bad about Asians.” There probably aren’t any because Asians are the best, amirite? (That was sarcastic, just in case you didn’t catch that.) The only reason I responded to this one was because it was plastered all over my Facebook wall by my Asian friends and family who shared it, so I figured I would leave my two cents. Maybe you should write responses on the internetz when you can have an intellectual conversation with someone without attacking them personally.

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