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    This Bed Is So Easy To Assemble, I'll Never Dread Moving My Bed Again

    My movers said this was the best bed they'd ever encountered...and they're right.

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    I got my last bed secondhand on Craigslist because I was broke. I had no clue how to put it together because the previous owners threw away the instruction manual 🤡. So, I had to call a TaskRabbit to assemble the bed. Spending money and being at the mercy of men are quite literally the bane of my existence. I was tired of heavy, expensive beds that are notoriously hard to assemble alone.


    Everyone knows Ikea furniture just isn't the same after it's been disassembled. Needless to say, my bed had made a lot of squeaking noises and wasn't completely stable. When I found out I was moving, I was immediately filled with dread. My bed was not going to survive another move.

    Then I fell in love with the idea of a no-tool-assembly platform bed ($695+ from Thuma) that could make me more self-sufficient. Unlike most beds, it's made of handcrafted, repurposed wood, includes a headboard, and only requires two hand-tightened screws.

    The bed and headboard

    The Bed uses Japanese joinery to cut down on tools. The PillowBoard has a washable cover and slides right between your bed and the wall. It's mad sturdy, too; I haven't had to worry about the bed shaking or buckling under pressure. When I choose to sit up in bed, the headboard is pretty comfortable.

    At first I was thrown off by the price. When I considered all of the money I'd have to spend paying TaskRabbits to assemble a cheaper bed that didn't travel well — and wouldn't last, since I rent — the cost of the Thuma Bed seemed reasonable.

    A person unrolling the slats onto a bed

    Think about it, a TaskRabbit gets paid by the hour. Let's say the average queen-sized bed takes two hours to assemble and you move every two years. Every time you move, you'll have to pay for a two-hour TaskRabbit for a bed that gets wobblier and less enjoyable. Why not invest your money in something that retains its value? Of course, Thuma offers Affirm financing to help you make it happen.

    My bed arrived in three long packages. The heaviest package had the frame and the lightest one held the pillow board. I was so exhausted from the workday, I almost assembled the bed later...but for $1K, I should be able to build this bed with my remaining brain cell.

    BuzzFeed / Christine Forbes

    I got a walnut, queen-sized bed with a light linen pillow board.

    The entire assembly process took no longer than 20 minutes. It was all pretty intuitive, but I I read the instructions to make sure I didn't break anything. If you've ever played with Lincoln Logs, you can put together a Thuma Bed.

    BuzzFeed / Christine Forbes

    Here's what a reviewer had to say about the process: "I’m so beyond happy we purchased this bed. The packaging was so pleasant. Anyone who has ordered furniture before knows the unpleasantness of disposing of ridiculous amounts of styrofoam. There was none of that. Once you get the pieces out it is beyond easy, and, honestly, it was fun to assemble. My husband and I assembled the bed frame in about 10 minutes. It's like a giant 3D jigsaw puzzle that you sleep on. We’ve been sleeping on it for a couple of weeks and it’s been great. No noise or shifting has occurred; it feels very sturdy and stable. The only downside is the 'pillow board' is very short and we have a thick mattress. We remedied this by propping the pillow board up using rolled-up towels, and it looks great and nobody would ever know." —Verified Buyer

    I've had The Bed for six months and it hasn't given me any problems. It's simply stunning. My mattress doesn't slide around and the frame hasn't made a single sound. Even my movers said it was the best bed they'd ever encountered.

    the writer's assembled, made bed
    BuzzFeed / Christine Forbes

    No matter how much you plan, moving is always chaotic. Thank god I had a fully assembled bed to sink into after a long day of madness. Here's the duvet cover, if you're interested.

    Promising reviews: "I've been sleeping on the Thuma bed for about a week or so now, and it has totally been a game changer. I have only ever had those metal bed frames with a box spring, but wanted an upgrade both for aesthetic reasons and because I hated the squeaking. I went with Thuma because I liked the idea of solid wood with the unique joinery. WOW. Super easy to assemble, looks amazing, and ZERO squeak. I have jumped up and down, moved side to side, etc., everything — totally quiet and entirely solid. No jostling or rocking at all. I didn’t even realize how much my bed was moving before. Also, I have a very very old but VERY high-quality and beloved mattress — I have seriously had it for maybe 18 years? Which might be gross, but I adore it. It started to get the dreaded center sag recently and I was so sad to think about replacing it. It feels like an entirely new mattress since getting the Thuma — it’s slightly more firm, more supportive, and the center sag has become a lot less noticeable. I was worried that the reviews on this bed were fake because they were so positive, but I am so in love. I will say the only negative would be that I don’t love the pillow board and wish there was something actually attached, though recognize that increases the risk for squeaks. Anyway, y’all, get this bed!!!" —Verified Buyer

    "I love this frame. ZERO-hardware install was super easy and great for moving from one room or house to another. The ground clearance is great for our dog bed and our robot vacuum. You can really tell the quality of the wood that is used. The joints fit together so perfectly. I LOVE THIS FRAME!" —Jesse C.

    I have a bad habit of working in bed. Fortunately, The Sleeve holds my laptop so it won't fall and break. Thuma also sells accessories like The Nightstand, Side Table, and Tray to improve your bedroom experience.


    Get The Side Table from Thuma for $295 (available in three colors), The Nightstand for $445 (available in two colors), or The Tray for $145. Sign up for email updates about The Sleeve restock here.

    If that's not enough, the frame has 9 inches of under-bed clearance space that I love to use for extra storage. I have two wooden rolling drawers that store hair products and bed linens.

    the writer's under bed storage bins holding textiles and hair supplies
    BuzzFeed / Christine Forbes

    These drawers are a much-needed upgrade from my Ikea bins. Not only do they complement my Thuma Bed but they also roll smoothly, and virtually disappear under the frame. Which is great because I don't want to see them all the time. I was able to fit four queen duvet covers and a few towels in one bin. Right now, I'm using the other drawer for hair supplies. So far, so great, I get compliments on these all the time. If you have the money, they're worth the splurge.

    Promising review: "Fits perfectly under my Nera queen bed, looks beautiful, and it rolls so smoothly along my laminate floors! Looking forward to purchasing another set for the other side of my bed." —Kirsten K.

    Get a set of two from Article for $399 (available in three colors).

    People ask me about this bed all the time. It's gorgeous, simple, and easy. What more can you ask for? Maybe a bag to carry it in. Get it from Thuma for $695+ (available in sizes twin–king and in two wood colors and pillow board colors).

    the writer's bed
    BuzzFeed / Christine Forbes

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