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    24 Things From Amazon That Reviewers Actually Swear By

    You'll want to buy them over and over again.

    1. A fabric shaver to make your very used sweater look like you just brought it home from the store.

    a before and after of a sweater

    2. A leopard print dress for those days you want to get dressed and look like an extra in Sex and the City. It's got a drawstring waist and balloon sleeves becoming of a literal goddess.

    A model wearing the dress

    3. A Wi-Fi extender because staying connected has never been more important. This'll boost your coverage up to 1,500 square feet — no more dead zones.

    Reviewer holding their phone up to the rectangular-shaped router that's plugged into the wall

    4. An argan oil heat protectant that might be the only thing standing between you, your flat iron, and the hair of your dreams. Believe it or not, you can have completely straight hair without compromising your curl pattern. How? This heat protectant.

    A reviewer's curly hair before using the product // A reviewer's pin-straight hair with the product

    5. A hidden bookshelf because books can double as decor 📚! Try organizing them by color for a more uniform look.

    Ten hidden bookshelves holding books

    6. A wood finisher to avoid spending $$$ just to restore your wood floors and furniture back to their original glory. This baby works magic for under $20. People will legit think you got new stuff.

    7. A brushed nickel Command Hook so you can hang your face masks, towel, or jackets rather than throwing them on the chair. Making organization easy is key to maintaining a pristine space.

    The command hook packaging

    8. A biotin shampoo to help with shedding by depositing biotin, a naturally occurring vitamin, where it's needed — your hair. This person used the product for almost a year, and it made a world of difference 😱.

    A reviewer's thin hair // A reviewer's significantly thicker hair after using the shampoo for a yeaar

    9. A two-tier folding desk for anyone who's working from home but doesn't have space for a huge, immobile desk.

    Two-tier wood-top desk with black metal crossing legs

    10. A satin pillowcase that you'll never have to turn over because it's always *fresh*. This one is so much easier on skin and hair than cotton. It's puppy-approved too 🐶!

    A pup enjoying the pillowcase

    11. A fluffy gel pillow that won't go flat like most pillows. Plus, they're are game-changers for your neck and back. Plush pillows will make your bed look and feel ultra-comfy.

    12. A collagen coating hair protein treatment because it's your best chance of reviving your hair from any chemical catastrophe. Ceramide 3s support moisture retention and elasticity which hair desperately needs after going through the wringer.

    13. A pair of fleece slippers so plush, you'll basically be walking on a cloud. Memory foam soles provide arch support your feet won't stop thanking you for.

    Reviewer holding feet up in fluffy open-toed slippers

    14. A mini spin hairpin that's easy to use even if you don't know what you're doing. People loved that they could go through their days without this baby getting loose.

    15. A sleek essential oil diffuser for aromatherapy sessions wherever you need them as long as you need them — up to 10 hours, of course.

    A reviewer's photo showing white diffuser on a table

    16. A warm Edison bulb for easily revamping the ambiance of your bedroom if you're tired of that stale, white, fluorescent light. After all, there is a reason Mariah Carey refuses to be seen in fluorescent lighting.

    17. A gold curtain rod so you can ditch your tension rod for something sturdier. Hang it a few inches higher than your windows to make your ceilings look higher.

    A nursery with the mounted curtains

    18. A water-resistant insulated jacket for layering up and staying warm without weighing yourself down with a bulky coat.

    A model wearing the jacket in black

    19. A set of glass meal-prep containers so you can store your hot and cold food in the same place without worrying about them mixing.

    A reviewer's photo showing five prepped meals in the glass containers

    20. A pair of leggings because if you've gotta put on pants, they might as well be stretchy and soft like these.

    21. A mug warmer for the person who likes to sip slow and anyone who puts down their coffee and forgets it until it's cold.

    reviewer photo showing a mug of tea on the mug warmer

    22. A handheld electric milk frother to prepare coffee that's beautiful enough to rival that by any professional barista.

    a mason jar with iced coffee and thick foam

    23. A cable management box that'll organize and conceal those annoying cords that nobody 👏🏾 wants 👏🏾 to 👏🏾 see. If you have small kids or pets, this should def be in your cart already.

    before pic of a messy cable strip then after of the box containing the same power strip but looking much neater

    24. A grooming glove because you were gonna pet them anyway, might as well brush them while you're at it.

    a series of images showing pet hair on the glove

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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