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    29 Things From Amazon That People Actually Swear By

    A drip catcher, power scrubber, and more things that reviewers are buying over and over.

    1. A laundry-detergent drip catcher because detergent is expensive and this will keep you from wasting a drop.

    laundry detergent containers with the drip catcher on them

    2. A tin of Cerépil blue wax beads that'll [gently] snatch whatever is growing under your armpits. Like seriously, this patented wax did NOT come to play.

    A person with hairy armpits used the wax to remove it all —their armpit is completely bare

    3. A Stila correcting serum to cover up whatever havoc life wreaked on your skin. A winning combination of green, peach, and lavender pigment cancels out hyperpigmentation, acne scars, and uneven skin tone.

    4. A steam microwave cleaner to disinfect your microwave and soften caked-on food in just seven minutes —without toxic chemicals.

    5. A foaming lavender bath that'll turn you into the Abominable Sudman while soothing your spirits with pure epsom salt.

    reviewer covered from neck to toe in bubbles soaking in a deep bath

    6. A Radha rosehip oil to tell your pimples, *Ludacris voice* "MOVE, GET OUT THE WAY. This amazing oil soothes active breakouts, reduces redness, and minimizes the scarring that comes with them.

    7. An all-weather cotton robe for strolling around the house post-shower or whenever you don't feel like wearing clothes.

    A reviewer wearing the robe in black

    8. A cordless spinning scrubber so you can remember what your floors look like when they were first installed. It works on tubs too!

    Reviewer's tile floor smudged and dark all over with small circle of scrubbed floor beside an after photo where the entire floor is so clean it's a different color

    9. A wool cardigan for pulling off that Zoom professional look from the only clean corner of your house.

    A model wearing the cardigan

    10. A silky lined beanie to prevent your delicate strands from breaking off while rubbing against rough, dry surfaces.

    11. A wood scratch cover for covering up imperfections and signs of aging on your precious wood furniture —no sanding necessary.

    12. A sweater to wear around the house and become the most comfortable sweater you'll ever own. It washes well and has pockets 😏.

    A reviewer wearing the sweater

    13. A set of wool dryer balls that'll dry your clothes more quickly and cut down on waste, since you won't need dryer sheets.

    the wool dryer bars on a blanket

    14. A dishwasher magnet because there's nothing more annoying than having to run the dishwasher again because someone accidentally mixed dirty dishes with the clean ones.

    15. A Squatty Potty because alas, toilets were not designed with our digestive functionality in mind. This'll take the stress off of your muscles so you can do your business with ease.

    model wearing clothes sitting on a toilet with their feet propped on the stool-like squatty potty

    16. A B Uniq purple hair mask for zapping those brassy yellow tones in just five minutes! Your hair will love its deep-conditioning properties too!

    A reviewer with brassy blonde hair before using the mask // The same reviewer with ashier hair after using the mask

    17. A Coty Airspun face powder for minimizing fine lines and blurring acne scars for under $10. Plus it comes in two shades!

    18. A V-neck sweater because the best time to wear a cozy sweater is all the time, or whatever SpongeBob said.

    A reviewer wearing the striped sweater

    19. An air purifier because you'll be surprised how dirty your air is without it — especially if you have respiratory issues or allergies.

    20. A crewneck wool sweater because it's timeless, comfortable, and screams ~smart casual~ 🤓.

    The sweater

    21. A bottle of pet earwax that uses patented enzymes to clear your four legged friend's 🐶 ears. It's nontoxic, nonirritating, and veterinarian-recommended.

    22. A transparent window fly trap because wiping off fly guts is disgusting and now unnecessary, thanks to this thing.

    23. A eucalyptus and lemongrass shoe spray for anyone with extra pungent piggies who doesn't want their shoes to smell like them.

    A reviewer holding the shoe up to their nose

    24. A strong scraper because, believe it or not, at rust *does* come off and you can reclaim your expensive cast-iron skillet.

    25. An electric bottle opener so you don't have to embarrass yourself or ruin your kitchen trying to crank open a stubborn bottle of wine.

    reviewer lovingly holds up electric opener that is silver and cylindrical in shape.

    26. A cloud-shaped magnetic key holder because having a dedicated space for your keys means you'll actually be able to find them.

    A minimalist cloud magnet tacked to a wall holding two sets of car keys

    27. A UV50+ handy sports umbrella that'll protect your skin and clamp onto surfaces, i.e. no more losing feeling in your arms holding an umbrella upright.

    A reviewer showing off the umbrella that is clipped to their wheelchair

    28. A renter-friendly privacy window film so you can stop giving your neighbors a free peep show. It's easy to install and UV resistant ☀️.

    29. And a waterproof case because the seal on "waterproof" phones wears down more quickly than you think and it's *probably* not covered by warranty.

    reviewer in poncho excitedly poses in front of niagara falls with phone in pouch around neck

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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