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    31 Things From Amazon That Reviewers Actually Swear By

    Just a few things to make life *that* much better.

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    1. A grooming rake for animals with manes thicker than a bowl of oatmeal. With this brush, your fur baby's coat will look and smell better than ever before.

    Reviewer photo of a husky sitting next to a pile of fur that's almost as big as itself and has been removed with the rake

    2. A pair of herb scissors to make chopping herbs at least five times more fun, courtesy of its five Edward Scissorhand-esque blades.

    A reviewer chopping kale into a bowl

    3. An anti-vibration washer and dryer stabilizer for those who don't appreciate a small earthquake each time they do laundry. This'll absorb up to 94% of the vibrations so you can finally get some peace.

    4. A pair of quirky fruit socks to brighten your day and keep your piggies warm. C'mon, who doesn't love socks?

    The socks with embroidered fruit on the ankles: green with avocados, red with cherries, pink with peaches, and yellow with pineapples

    5. A set of nonstick, reusable toaster oven bags so revolutionary, you'll be able to whip up paninis, chopped cheese, and other delicious pressed dishes right in the toaster with virtually no extra cleanup.

    A sandwich in a toaster bag in the toaster

    6. A humidifier that will change the way you sleep, especially if you have a radiator. It's very quiet, easy to use, and compatible with Google Home and Alexa.

    The humidifier on low

    7. A shelf divider for those who don't have built-in storage. Now you can keep your stuff from falling all over itself.

    A reviewer's purses neatly organized with the dividers

    8. An internet-beloved measuring cup that has measurements at an angle too, so you'll know just how much sugar you're adding to the Kool-Aid or whatever you're making.

    The transparent angled measuring cup with oil inside

    9. A mini bag sealer for keeping your snacks fresh without needing a million and one clips or rubber bands.

    A reviewer's popcorn bag that they resealed with the tool

    10. A set of collapsible funnels so you can fill your bottles and jars without flooding the kitchen.

    A person pouring a liquid into the funnel

    11. A set of gold collagen masks that'll help you exchange the Louis Vuitton bags sitting under your eyes for plump, even skin that won't expose your terrible sleeping habits.

    12. A paraben-free, eco-friendly detergent to smack the smell out of the most pungent laundry, like period panties.

    A reviewer's clean underwear and the product

    13. A no-contact, forehead thermometer so quick, you can confirm the kids don't have a fever after school in seconds. It can also be used on food, water, and other parts of the body.

    A reviewer's thermometer next to a rectal thermometer that shows the same result

    14. A ribbed knit pencil skirt because who doesn't love a stretchy, comfortable skirt? Something like this is appropriate for school, work, and casual wear. It won't be collecting dust in your closet.

    reviewer wearing the orange midi skirt

    15. A set of earring cuffs to subtly add some razzle-dazzle to your day without feeling like you have to get all the way dressed.

    16. A Casper nap pillow because you're probably spending more time at home than ever before and your neck, your back deserve some extra support.

    17. An airtight food storage container set so you can keep food fresh and see what's inside without opening it. If you've ever had pests, you know the importance of removing food sources.

    A reviewer's organized pantry with the food storage containers

    18. A bowl set that's designed with storage in mind, everything fits into one place. It comes with a colander, five measuring spoons, several mixing bowls.

    The product in a drawer

    19. A portable washing machine because leaving home to go to the laundromat feels daunting lately. You can easily get a few small loads done right at home with this.

    A person with the washing machine

    20. A powerful set of fridge magnets to hang your drinks so you can A) see what's in your fridge and B) get to it easily.

    21. A bottle of Truff hot sauce, because black truffle, chili peppers, and organic agave nectar in a sauce can't go wrong if you love spicy food. From what customers are saying, it's not the hottest thing ever but it brings the flavor 💯.

    glass bottle of hot sauce with geometric top under glass of shrimp cocktail

    22. A bag of oral hygiene chews that'll loosen the plaque and gunk lodged between your pet's teeth. Although it's not a substitute for the vet, these chews help maintain their dental health.

    A before and after of a dog's teeth showing a majority of the brown plaque is gone or significantly lightened

    23. A renter-friendly command hook so you can ditch your towel rack for this functional alternative that doesn't require a nail or hammer to install.

    A reviewer's coats on the hooks

    24. A posh oversized turtleneck dress because it's impossible to have too many oversized pieces these days. Whether you wear it as is or with a belt, it'll look amazing.

    25. A cold brew coffee maker that's airtight and works overnight to bring you iced coffee that's NOT watered down the next morning.

    The cold brew coffee pitcher next to a glass of cold brew

    26. A humanely sourced down duvet for anyone who feels like they're living in the tundra. This'll trap your body heat to keep you warm from head to toe all night long.

    Two people sleeping under the down duvet

    27. A magnetic hanging utensil set because you deserve to have drawer space and an organized kitchen. It comes with several spoons, a server, a spatula, and a ladle that all nest into each other in a functional, yet aesthetically pleasing way.

    The utensils sitting upright and stacked in their holder in shades of blue and green

    28. A chunky cardigan that will make you fall in love with knits all over again. It's cozy enough to be loungewear, yet also appropriate for running errands. I couldn't think of a better WFH accessory.

    29. A pair of shredder claws to channel your inner Wolverine while making tender, delicious meat. Imagine the chicken salad you could make with these things 🤤.

    30. A pair of baggy overalls for when you feel like looking like Mario or Luigi... but with pockets. They come in pretty neutral colors, so you can definitely accessorize to make it your own.

    31. And a fridge turntable so you can rotate condiments rather than knocking over a tower of salad dressing just to reach the ketchup.

    A small white turn table in a fridge with condiments on top of it

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