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    34 Products Totally Worth Spending 20 Bucks On

    Bet you never knew how far $20 could really stretch.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A futuristic toothpaste dispenser so you won't have to go to extremes to get the last drop out of the tube. It'll dispense the perfect amount of toothpaste every time, while keeping the bathroom counter clean and clear.

    The toothpaste holder holding two tubes and three brushes

    2. A genius soap dispenser and sponge caddy that puts the soap directly where it matters. If you're heavy-handed with dish soap, this'll help you save money.

    A sponge resting in the dispenser caddy

    3. A convenient cereal dispenser to turn your counter into a breakfast bar. Stop spilling cereal everywhere with this no-miss tool.

    The cereal dispenser holding two kinds of cereal

    4. A brilliant outlet shelf, because it creates space for your electronics so they (hopefully) won't get wet. No more accidentally knocking your toothbrush into the sink — this'll keep it out of the way.

    A shaver resting on the shelf

    5. A jar opener so you can easily open that sauce without having to hit it with a knife, aggravating your arthritis, or having a carpal tunnel flare-up.

    Jar opener attached to bottom of kitchen cabinet being used to open jam container

    6. A dishwasher magnet so everyone is on the same page about the state of the dishes. No more running an extra cycle because SOMEONE mixed dirty dishes with the clean ones.

    A person touching the dishwasher magnet

    7. A pack of clear glass straws that are much easier on the environment compared to plastic straws. Half of them are bent, the other half are straight, and they're all gorgeous 🤩.

    A glass with the straw in it

    8. A two-pack of acrylic shelf dividers to help you keep your pantry and closet goods from toppling onto each other. We love a borderline invisible storage solution.

    A reviewer's towels being divided with the product

    9. A pair of vintage-y blue-light-blocking glasses that'll take a load off of stressed, sore, and burning eyes caused by staring at a screen all day.

    Reviewer wearing the gold-rimmed blue light glasses

    10. A pack of eco-friendly sponge cloths to cut down on your paper towel usage. These highly absorbent towels are dishwasher safe, so you can reuse them without running a load of laundry.

    11. A pair of super plush socks so you can support Trees for the Future's mission to help farmers. Conscious Socks has a pair of responsibly made socks for many different causes.

    A person wearing the socks

    12. An electric lighter because butane lighters are low-key dangerous, they blow out, and they can't be recharged. This rechargeable lighter is wind-proof, splash-proof, and has a safety lock.

    A reviewer lighting a candle with the tool

    13. A set of easy dispense lidded ice cube trays to avoid potential spillage when balancing a not-so-frozen ice tray in a very full freezer. Summer is coming and with this, you'll always have ice ready to go.

    A reviewer's ice tray

    14. A pack of two self-adhesive razor holders that'll prevent your razor from clanging a million times before hitting the bathtub floor by keeping it secure.

    A reviewer's razors in the holders

    15. A set of silicone face mask brushes, because the less you touch your skin, the better. Stop your fingers from absorbing precious product that you actually bought for your face.

    A reviewer who applied a mask with the spatula

    16. A gamechanging TubShroom that your shower drain won't thank you enough for — believe me. No more showering in a pool of cloudy water because your drain is clogged.

    Same reviewer holding the TubShroom covered in hair

    17. A large car cup holder because car companies haven't figured out that we have outgrown the small cupholders of yesteryear. This'll help you stay hydrated during long road trips.

    Reviewer's HydroFlask sitting in the large car cup holder

    18. A renter-friendly peel-and-stick marble film to give your counters a facelift without ruining your finances.

    19. A backseat bag-holder because the car can be a bit of a blender for the contents of your purse.

    20. A muscle relief cooling gel for anyone who hasn't been active in some time and might be feeling a bit sore. People love using this to reduce swelling and relax those hard-as-rock muscles.

    A tube of the cooling gel

    21. A pack of cable clips that'll make sure your desk doesn't turn into a cobweb of tangled cords. Tie them back easily with these for under $10.

    22. A classic pair of hoops since accessorizing while at home is the key to feeling like a baddie around the house.

    The earrings

    23. An envelope moistener because licking envelopes is kinda gross when you think about it 🤢. Keep your saliva where it belongs and use this instead.

    A person holding the envelope sealer

    24. A set of assorted satin scrunchies so you can tie your hair back while minimizing breakage. Don't you just hate when your hair gets tangled in a ponytail? Those days are behind you.

    The scrunchie

    25. A grooming glove, because you were gonna pet them anyway, might as well brush them while you're at it.

    a series of images showing pet hair on the glove

    26. A pack of screen repair tape that you'll thank your lucky stars exists as we journey into mosquito season 😩. Screens are so expensive, but you can fix yours for less than $10.

    hands placing the screen tape on a screen

    27. A pack of Miracle-Gro plant food spikes, because plants are mad dramatic when they don't get fed 😭. Stick this slow-release fertilizer into the soil and boom, they're good for up to two months.

    28. A set of durable biodegradable hair ties, since they always disappear 🤪. Now you can rest easy knowing they'll fully decompose, no matter where they end up.

    The hair ties in their packaging

    29. A compact cutlery organizing tray so you can keep your knives and forks organized while still having space in the drawer for other things.

    Cutlery in a drawer

    30. A pint of decadent, dairy-free strawberry ice cream for those adhering to a vegan or plant-based lifestyle. I'm lactose intolerant and this is so tasty, it might deliver me from the clutches of Häagen-Dazs for good.

    A person with a strawberry ice cream cone

    31. A genius dual dog leash so you don't get your wires crossed (literally) while walking your four-legged friends.

    A person walking two dogs

    32. A pair of bamboo charcoal bags, because there's nothing more embarrassing than taking your shoes off and hearing someone ask, "What's that smell?" 💀

    A reviewer's shoes with the bags in them

    33. A gentle toner to rebalance and hydrate your face after you've compromised your moisture barrier with harsh exfoliants and astringents. And when you're done, recycle the bottle for 15% off of your next BeautyStrike purchase.

    A person holding the bottle of toner

    34. A garbage disposal cleanser for clearing out whatever putrid odors are coming from the drain because people literally put anything in there.

    The clogged sink // The drain full of the cleaner // The empty drain

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.