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    43 Products That Are Somehow Both Practical And Exciting

    Just some things to shake up your routine (in a good way, ofc).

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A pair of nonslip bandelettes because A) it'll relieve thigh chafing and B) they're kinda hot 🥵, right?

    2. A sleep eye mask that has a Bluetooth speaker because sleeping with headphones is mad uncomfortable. Imagine using this with the Calm App or a good audiobook 🤤.

    3. An satisfying earwax remover for those harboring candles worth of ear wax in their heads. Finally, a way to safely unclog your ears without damaging your eardrums.

    4. A 3D-printed clip-on sauce holder because juggling sauces while trying to drive isn't exactly safe. Sauce stains on seats ain't it either 🤪.

    The sauce holder

    5. A custom shampoo and conditioner set that's tailored to your hair goals, color, texture, porosity — the whole nine. Everyone's hair is unique, your products should be too.

    6. A foot spa treatment set because those knives you call feet are slowly tearing through your socks. This three-step system will help keep your piggies in pristine condition.

    The treatment set

    7. A silk-lined beanie to prevent your delicate strands from breaking off while rubbing against rough, dry surfaces.

    8. A pair of bedsheet suspenders for those who unconsciously wage war against their sheets at night. Repositioning bed sheets is a pain, this'll keep them from slipping off.

    The suspenders keeping a fitted sheet taught

    9. A cat backpack to take your fave along when you step out for some air. There's a clip for a leash and even a little bubble so your kitty can enjoy the view.

    A backpack with a clear bowl "window" on it so that the cat can sit inside while peering outside

    10. An area rug that'll protect your very expensive floors while adding pattern and texture to a room.

    The rug in a living room

    11. An EveryPlate subscription for taking the stress out of meal prep. Finally, you can get fresh, healthy meals for under $6 delivered right to your doorstep.

    A plate of creamy mushroom steak

    12. A three-in-one avocado slicer to split, pit, and slice your favorite superfood in seconds.

    The avocado slicer

    13. A set of miniature spatulas so you can truly get your money's worth out of your cosmetics — down to the last corner.

    reviewer using the spatula to get foundation out of a bottle

    14. A set of reusable steel straws because plastic straws never last and they're not so good for the environment either.

    The straws

    15. A microwavable deep-conditioning cap so you don't have to sit under a dryer to achieve pillowy curls. It's so soothing, I fall asleep every time I use it — especially on a cold day.

    16. A sponge holder — that's about as big as an NYC studio apartment — to keep the sink area organized.

    The sponge holder

    17. A bralette so comfortable, reviewers hate taking it off. It's got nylon cups, wide straps, and a triple hook band for added support.

    A model wearing the bra

    18. A Living Proof dry shampoo to slurp the oil, dirt, and sweat out of your scalp so you can maximize the time between washes. It's magic in a bottle and people are saying it completely changed their hair routines.

    19. A warm plush hooded robe for you to slip into post shower when the house is brick 🥶.

    20. A pack of Sugru to fix that frayed charging cable that only works in a *very* specific position. This moldable glue sets overnight into silicone rubber that's safe to use.

    21. A set of wearable weights for incorporating resistance exercise into your daily routine without going out of your way.

    The weights

    22. An Atlas Coffee Club subscription to deliver top tier coffees from around the world.

    A person with Costa Rican coffee and a book

    23. A foam roller because those knotted muscles aren't going to loosen themselves. Rolling with this helps alleviate soreness too.

    A model using the roller on their thigh

    24. A cleansing balm that'll go deeper than your water-based products for a clean you can see. Massage it into your skin and wash off.

    25. A smart light alarm clock because the iPhone alarm is way too aggressive and it's probably why you wake up annoyed. This'll *gently* rouse you from your slumber with light and peaceful noises.

    A person using the circular, illuminated lamp

    26. A waterproof travel backpack for charging your devices while you're between classes or studying outside. It's got pockets for everything so your bag won't feel like a black hole.

    A person wearing the backpack in grey

    27. A set of sushi socks to brighten your day and transform your piggies into salmon rolls. Getting old means being hype about little things, like these socks.

    28. A waterproof Kindle Paperwhite that has twice the storage so you can read in the pool, the tub, anywhere you can find peace. And the battery lasts for weeks, literally.

    A person reading a kindle in the water

    29. A golden set of measuring cups and spoons because when it comes to styling a kitchen, every little detail matters.

    The golden utensils

    30. An eyeliner stamp for ensuring your cat-eyes look like twins and not distant cousins twice removed every👏🏾single👏🏾time.

    31. A customizable Polaroid coaster set so you can showcase your family photos and protect your wood furniture.

    The coasters

    32. An eco-friendly bidet to cut down on toilet paper by washing away um, debris. If your nether regions are sensitive, they'll love this booty shower.

    The bidet on a toilet

    33. An Amazon Echo Dot so you'll never miss a deadline again —thanks to Alexa. Simply tell Alexa to put events on your calendar and remind you about assignment due dates.

    The Amazon Echo Dot sitting on a countertop flashing blue lights as it receives a command to play study music

    34. A Yeti Rambler mug with double-wall vacuum insulation, meaning less trips to the microwave to reheat the drink you made in the morning.

    A person drinking from the mug

    35. A brushed nickel Command Hook so you can hang your face masks, towel, or jackets rather than throwing them on the chair.

    The command hook packaging

    36. A fan favorite oil migraine relief stick that's just small enough to kick those headaches to the curb and fit in your pocket.

    37. A rain showerhead perfect for channeling your inner R&B singer while you scream, I mean sing in the shower.

    A reviewer's showerhead

    38. A loose powder foundation that put Bare Minerals on the map. Loose powders get a bad rep for making skin look flat, but this one helps bring out the best in your complexion.

    A model with bare, matte skin // The same model wearing foundation with a slight glow

    39. A resurfacing serum to dramatically reduce scarring and acne with the power of squalane and lactic acid while you get your beauty rest.

    A person with acne and clogged pores before using the serum / A person with less acne and clearer pores after using the serum for two weeks

    40. A multifunctional ottoman that doubles as a table or a bench for your living room, foyer, or bedroom. Place remotes, magazines, or blankets in the open cubby for easy storage.

    41. A bed skirt so the clutter under your bed can truly be out of sight and out of mind.

    A bed with the skirt

    42. A tunnel cat scratcher that's as cute as it is functional.

    The circular cat tunnel scratcher

    43. And an iced tea tumbler to brew iced tea in mere minutes. Add the hot beverage to the outer chamber to steep and fill the inner chamber with ice.

    The tumbler

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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