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    Just 31 Random Products We Really Love

    Sanitizing bags, electric lighters, Baby Yoda, and other products we (the BuzzFeed Shopping team) truly adore.

    1. An immersion hand blender for making scrumdiddlyumptious milkshakes, DIY skincare products, and super cool designs in your coffee. It's got so many uses, you'll be wondering how you ever lived without it.

    A reviewer's immersion hand blender with its attachments

    2. A pack of ankle socks because they're always disappearing in the laundry 😒. If you have irritated ankles, you'll love the Achilles guard.

    The socks in block

    3. A pair of Soul wireless earbuds so you can tune out your family members this holiday season when they start getting on your nerves.

    4. A Samsung frame TV because having a big black box on the wall doesn't exactly vibe with everyone's decor. Turn your device into a functional piece of artwork.

    5. An animal-free ice cream that will spare you the post-ice cream pain if you're lactose intolerant. You'll be hard-pressed to find a more sustainable ice cream company. These use substantially less land, water, and energy than the average ice cream brand.

    An assortment of Brave Robot ice cream flavors

    6. A set of masks because we're going to need them for the foreseeable future. These masks come in so many dope prints, they'll definitely become your favorite accessory.

    7. A set of 18 essential spices so you can have delectable meals this holiday season, even if you're not spending it with your family.

    8. A sativa-infused lip balm because you're going to need something solid to make sure your lips don't crumble under those masks. This baby has a winning combination of shea and moringa butter that gets the job done.

    A reviewer holding the product

    9. A sleeveless T-shirt dress that's lounge-worthy but also appropriate for virtual work meetings.

    10. A padded sports bra shirt for everyone who hates wearing bras but still wants to keep those tatas out of the way. This shirt does both of those things with way less discomfort.

    A person wearing the white shirt

    11. An electric candle lighter because butane lighters are low-key dangerous, they blow out, and they can't be recharged. This rechargeable lighter is wind-proof, splash-proof, and has a safety lock.

    12. A plant-based deodorant for making your pits smell more like a fruit farm and less like a landfill — sans the suspect ingredients. Yes, this is a cruelty-free, plant-based, deodorant and it *really* works.

    A reviewer's photo of their deodorant with the caption: "natural deo that actually works"

    13. A sanitizer bag for sterilizing nursery items because we're in a pandemic and babies put everything in their MOUTHS😰. Save yourself some stress and invest in a tool that'll always be useful.

    A bear with germs before being sanitized // The bear with no germs after being sanitized by the bag

    14. A pack of Tajín Clásico seasoning that has a blend of chili, lime, and salt. Use it on fruits, vegetables, mixed drinks, and meat — you won't be sorry.

    15. A roll of identity protection stamps to blur out confidential information. This'll come in handy if you're working with sensitive documents at home or you just don't want people in your business.

    A model using the protection stamp to conceal information on sensitive documents

    16. A silk robe so you can nail the cozy-glam aesthetic that's only getting more popular the longer we stay home. It's so nice, you can definitely get away with wearing it outside too 🙈.

    A model wearing the robe

    17. A waterproof cleansing brush for getting those relaxing esthetician level facial massages without leaving your bathroom. Its hypoallergenic silicone bristles remove debris without irritating skin.

    A reviewer's cleansing brush

    18. A pair of pearl hoop earrings that are elegant and shockingly affordable considering the size of that pearl! Don't trip, the quality is definitely there. These are cultured, freshwater pearls, and 18-karat gold-coated sterling silver.

    19. A vitamin C serum so you can erase any evidence of that breakup you had a week ago. The weightless gel is 15% vitamin C and E, to reduce the appearance of fine lines and hyperpigmentation.

    20. A box of strawberry and almond butter squeeze packs that this dog totally approves of — it's delicious, this dog can't get enough of it.

    21. A vibrant 500-piece jigsaw puzzle to bond with your family without increasing your screen time. Bet you can't name all of the animals in this puzzle 🤪.

    The puzzle has various animals on it such as a tiger, iguana, ant eater, sloth, monkey, leopard, lemur, and more

    22. An ultra-hydrating leave-in conditioner that'll totally come in handy if you have hard water or brittle hair.

    The squeezable bottle

    23. A pack of compression socks to boost circulation on days you haven't had the energy to move at all. They're anti-cold and moisture-wicking, so they're great for brisk morning runs too!

    A reviewer wearing the socks

    24. A pan organizer so you can stop waking up the neighbors while looking for that pan at the back of the cabinet you last saw in 2018.

    25. A cookbook to inspire the tiny chef in your home to learn basic life skills. You'll get so many adorable, Christmas card-worthy photos while cooking with this book.

    The cover of the cookbook

    26. A bottle of honey-scented hair perfume because there are few pleasures in 2020 and this is one of them. This hair-friendly perfume smells immaculate and it's suitable for all hair types.

    The perfume bottle

    27. A standing desk so you can give your body a break. They can reduce back pain, mood, and energy levels — much-needed if you're working from home. This easy-to-assemble desk is large enough for anyone who works on the computer and on paper.

    The table

    28. A Baby Yoda toy for channeling your inner-child and infusing 🤪 fun into any room. I mean, how can you look at this toy and not smile?

    29. A set of marble gift bags that you can buy with your gift so you don't end up looking for one at the last minute. They're so cute, any recipient will love them as much as the actual gift. Eco-friendly cardboard never looked so good!

    The bags

    30. A Piquant Post subscription box so you can go on a spice adventure every month right in your kitchen. Imagine all the inspiration you'll have after opening a curated box of delectable spice blends. Feed the head chef who lurks within and get this box!

    A reviewer's bowl of Thai Green Curry made with the subscription box

    31. An 100% Egyptian cotton sheet set that feels like sleeping on literal cumulus clouds. We spend a third of our lives sleeping and improving the quality of rest is 💯 percent worth the investment.

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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