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    42 Cute Things To Treat Yourself To This Fall

    Sweater weather is almost upon us.

    1. A print turtleneck blouse because FYI animal prints are back in style 👏🏾. Imagine how dope this would look with some neutral bottoms.

    Reviewer wearing the leopard print blouse in tan

    2. A stylish eyeglass chain for people who put their sunglasses down somewhere to never be found again 🤡. Secure your glasses to this chain and rest them on your chest until you're ready to wear them again.

    Sunglasses with the chain attached to the arms

    3. A classic denim jacket because it's an outerwear staple that can come in handy when you're pulling a look together. Jean jackets go with some dresses, blouses, and pair well with other denim.

    4. A picturesque linen duvet set so you can get that relaxed look that's all over your Instagram explore page.

    A bed with the duvet set

    5. Or a smooth-like-butter Eucalyptus bedding bundle that's so luxe, it's like sinking into an ocean of bliss. If you sweat in your sleep, you'll love that these are cool to the touch and ultra-breathable.

    The sheets on a bed

    6. A pair of cozy wool socks because you're never completely warm without them, am I right? As Cardi B said, "A 🙊 never gets cold."

    7. Or a pair of fleece slippers so plush, you just might trade your favorite pumps for a pair of these every blue moon. I mean, you'll basically be walking on a memory foam cloud — with arch support.

    Reviewer holding feet up in fluffy open-toed slippers

    8. A fuzzy two-piece sweater-and-shorts knit set to live in until, well, forever. You'll be wearing these around the house and everywhere else for the foreseeable future — trust me.

    9. A pair of heeled Doc Martens so you can maximize style while minimizing pain. Based on the reviews, you'll be hard-pressed to find a pair of heels this comfortable that last forever.

    10. A striped cardigan you can wear like the reviewers below *or* off the shoulder with the help of some fashion tape. Give your neckline some time to shine ✨.

    11. A comfy jumpsuit that's perfect for transitional weather. I love lounging around in this because its stretchy *and* has pockets.

    A model wearing the jumpsuit

    12. An adorable teapot so you can stay warm during the cold days ahead.

    The tea pot and cups

    13. A season-transcending bra-and-biker-short set so you can pull off that effortlessly cool vibe. Try pairing this with a denim jacket, gold jewelry, and a neutral bag.

    A person wearing the set

    14. A floral dress for anyone wanting to explore prints, but doesn't quite know how. This frilly dress is so whimsical, you'll feel like your life is a picnic.

    15. A soft sweater so you can serve cozy-cute all season long. Now imagine yourself in a field of amber, orange, and red leaves...in this 😍.

    A model wearing the sweater

    16. A super-interesting button-down shirt to add a pop of color and give those beat-up jeans a new beginning. It comes in several other cool patterns, including houndstooth.

    17. A futuristic Oura Ring because who said biotech had to be ugly 😏? This'll track your heart rate variability, sleep patterns, workouts, and more — all whilst being a statement piece.

    The ring

    18. A classic knit crewneck because it features a cable pattern that never goes out of style. Everyone needs at least one of these.

    Two people wearing the sweater

    19. A fun, seasonal Harvest Tackle Box so you have something to look forward to that's not homework or leaf raking this fall.

    20. A pair of rust-resistant UVA aviators to get you through the rest of the season. They're ultra-comfortable and come in several sizes for maximum comfort.

    21. An "Unwind" art print by Bria Nicole because it's expressive, modern, and vibrant enough to establish a relaxing, chill vibe in your space.

    22. A set of stunning glasses because it's been forever since you located a full set of anything in your kitchen 🥴. I break about a glass per month, but these have survived so far.

    Two people drinking out of the glasses

    23. A long-sleeved beaded blouse because even Beyoncé loves endoplasmic reticulum–esque lewks.

    A reviewer wearing the blouse in red

    24. A mug for enjoying the finer things in life.

    A mug that says "make it fancy"

    25. A leopard-print dress for those days you want to get dressed and look like an extra in Sex and the City. It's got a drawstring waist and balloon sleeves becoming of a literal goddess.

    A model wearing the dress

    26. A lined fleece coat for chilly days where you want a layer that doesn't weigh you down. Reviewers got so many compliments on this; nobody will believe you got it from Amazon.

    A reviewer wearing the coat in brown with a scarf

    27. A velvet love seat — it's the perfect statement piece for your studio or living room.

    The love seat in green

    28. A silk-lined beanie to prevent your delicate strands from breaking off while rubbing against rough, dry surfaces.

    29. An elephant pendant that comes in rose quartz, clear quartz, tigereye, jasper, obsidian, and crystal quartz. Elephants are said to be good luck. So whether you wear it as an accessory or place it somewhere at home, it'll definitely make an impression.

    The pendants

    30. A jasper bracelet because it's said to help support self-confidence and is considered the ultimate nurturing stone. If you need to be more assertive, try wearing this regularly.

    A person wearing the bracelet

    31. A pre-folded satin scarf to wear to bed, or as a stylish accessory. It's great for retaining moisture, which has helped preserve my precious edges.

    32. A statement peel-and-stick wallpaper because a new season is enough of an excuse to jazz up a plain room. If you're looking for something more minimal, check out the Tempaper Store.

    A bedroom with the wallpaper

    33. A S'well stainless-steel bottle to grab at 2 a.m. when you need it most. The wood-inspired design looks like the perfect decorative object for your nightstand. Triple insulation? ✔️

    The water bottle on a table

    34. A gold curtain rod because it'll add height to your ceiling and hold curtains to keep drafts at bay.

    bedroom with curtains hanging from the rods

    35. A mini wallet emergency kit that features the NYC skyline and holds your essentials. If NYC isn't for you, Anne Cate offers a variety of different skyline options.

    A small white faux leather pouch with a black skyline print surrounded by a mix of travel-sized toiletries and on-the-go essentials

    36. A fan-favorite fleece sweater to become your go-to top from the moment it arrives. It's just fancy enough to not feel like "pajamas."

    37. A Horti subscription to regularly deliver vibrant plants that'll brighten your day and windowsill. Unlike most companies, they'll also send a pot and soil for when your babies outgrow their home.

    The plant, pot, and care guide

    38. A short-sleeved blouse to wear to work Zoom calls and other professional activities. It's a classic look that'll age like fine wine in your closet.

    A reviewer wearing the shirt in black

    39. A high-quality weighted faux-fur blanket that feels just like a warm hug ⛄️. Heavier blankets can also provide benefits believed to help some people with stress and anxiety.

    The blanket

    40. A pair of patterned high-waisted leggings you're guaranteed to love, especially since they have over 20,000 (!!!) 5-star reviews. It comes in a bunch of fun patterns.

    41. An Underclub Subscription to deliver luxury underwear to your doorstep every month. All panties eventually become period panties, might as well get fresh ones regularly.

    various people wearing underwear from Underclub

    42. An eyeshadow palette that features six mattes, two metallics, and a whopping six shimmer shades. It even has a dash of jojoba oil to help with longevity.

    hand holding the national parks palette

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.