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    32 Little Things That'll Help Make Your Home Cozier In A Big Way

    Great finds that'll make your house feel like home.

    1. An adjustable laptop desk, so you don't smother your machine's fan and turn your thighs into a sauna. This can help take the stress off of your back and legs, while also allowing you to store a few small things in its drawer.

    A person using the laptop desk on a couch

    2. A soft faux-sheepskin cover that looks ultra-glam. Draping this over an old couch or chair will make it seem ten times more luxe.

    3. A planter to add some flavor to your windowsill. It has a drainage hole to allow your plants to discard excess water.

    4. A desk-sized USB-powered humidifier because dry air is the enemy of progress. Your skin and sinuses won't be able to thank you enough for this handy dandy humidifier.

    The cactus humidifier

    5. A gel-infused, memory foam mattress topper so you can transform from that uncomfortable rock — I mean your bed, into a cloud-like mattress that molds to your body.

    6. A rotating, color-changing projector to turn your ceiling into the northern lights (pretty much). Imagine this being the last thing you see every night before bed 😴.

    7. Or a minimalist cube lamp for a tiny dose of light that is far from overwhelming — the perfect amount for pre-bedtime reading, one might say.

    The light

    8. A compact, but efficient ceramic space heater for days when your landlord is being stingy with the heat. With 1,500 watts and three settings, this will definitely keep you warm and toasty.

    The space heater in white

    9. A luxe 'n' pleated velvet floor pillow because losing feeling in your tush mid-game night sucks. These are soft, stunning, and come in enough colors to compliment your existing decor.

    The pillows in red, green, and orange

    10. A calming lavender and chamomile aromatherapy mist to help you fully unravel your mind and body after a tough day. Lavender smells so good, you'll want to take deep breaths and relax.

    The mist and someone sleeping with a mask on

    11. A compact yet powerful multimedia projector and 100-inch project screen because they're easier to transport than a whole TELEVISION and it plugs into your phone, computer, console, or streaming device (including the Apple TV).

    12. A candle because it's the ultimate floral scented candle and will 100% set the tone for a room.

    The candle

    13. An entryway mirror that'll store your keys, masks, and give you one last chance to see what you look like before leaving the house.

    14. A pair of Pudus slipper socks for wrapping your Vienna sausages in a thick layer of warmth. They have grippers on the bottom to make sure you don't slip and slide all over the house.

    A person wearing the slipper socks

    15. Or a pair of cable knit house slippers that you'll probably wear more than your "outside" shoes.

    16. An Unwind art print by Bria Nicole because it's expressive, modern, and vibrant enough to establish a relaxing, chill vibe in your space.

    17. A notebook that's practical and impactful enough to breathe life into your work area. Stop leaving notes everywhere and store your thoughts here instead.

    18. A contoured eye mask to finally get some ~peace~ and smother the light standing between you and the best rest of your life.

    19. A pair of gold resin monkey bookends to style your shelves with a little taste of the jungle 🐵.

    The monkey bookends

    20. An area rug that'll protect your very expensive floors while adding pattern and texture to a room.

    The rug in a living room

    21. A decadent candle to transport your senses back home, whever that is for you. They sell candles by state, country, and even occasion.

    22. A gorgeous printed peel 'n' stick wallpaper because redoing your walls doesn't require paint anymore. These are renter-friendly, just take them off when you move out.

    A room with floral peel and stick wallpaper

    23. A set of realistic-looking flameless candles for anyone who wants to avoid open flames at all costs, but wants to set the ~mood~.

    The candles

    24. A small gold sloth wall hook that you'll look forward to using because it's so adorable. It's little things like this that make days *so* much more enjoyable.

    A sloth holding keys

    25. A nonslip bamboo bathtub tray to hold everything you need during the have the luxury soak of your dreams.

    The bathtub tray with an iPad, drinks, flowers, candle, and more on it.

    26. A versatile deep tissue heated massager for melting away the knots building up in your neck from the stress of existing.

    27. A mini Dash rice cooker that can also make oatmeal, stew, soup, and quinoa in less than 20 minutes. The package includes a rice paddle, measuring cup, and recipe book in case you don't know what you're doing.

    The rice cooker

    28. A set of dainty crochet coasters to add texture while saving your surfaces from those annoying circles. If you're into vintage stuff or cottagecore, these are for you.

    A teacup on a set of doilies

    29. A multifunctional ottoman that doubles as a table or a bench for your living room, foyer, or bedroom. Place remotes, magazines, or blankets in the open cubby for easy storage.

    30. A kawaii bread loaf pillow because it's cute, nothing more to it. There's no such thing as too many pillows and it's impossible to look at this and not smile inside.

    A person holding the loaf pillow

    31. A set of mini hexagon pots that have drainage holes so your precious succulent babies won't get root rot and meet an untimely end.

    Four succulents in the platners

    32. And a plush velour reading pillow because your current posture is not doing your back any favors and this'll help save you from aches and pains.

    You, enjoying your new creature comforts.

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