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    "Wake Up" To Diana Meyer

    Diana Meyer, power pop singer, jostles audiences with this addictive and irreverent music video. This is your summer anthem.

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    Introducing Diana Meyer: L.A. shooting star who packs a rocking punch with her platinum pixie and in-your-face confidence leading to resounding applause. Also, she brings all the girls to the yard.

    Diana Meyer is the one to watch. Radios: man your stations. Girl power hits don't come around often. Could this be the anthem to summer 2013?

    With an awesome beat, kitsch and a twist on the "Grease" love trope, "Wake Up" charms the pants off the Internet.

    Rocker Diana Meyer's newest music video takes on '50s road races, alien invasions, and giant bunny rabbits that kick one pesky SciFi tarantula's butt. Just like a dream that stays with you, you won't be able to get "Wake Up" out of your head.

    This is her first single from her upcoming EP entitled "A Place Where The Sun Never Goes Down."

    Need a bit more of Meyer? Check her out--

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    instagram: _diana_lynne_

    Wake Up - Diana Meyer

    (Written by Diana Meyer and Brian Blake)

    (Produced by Brian Blake)