NYU Students Show Up Rihanna

NYU students cover "Diamonds" throughout the streets of New York. They did RiRi proud.

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Big hair? Soulful singing against brick walls? A whole lotta red lip? An adorably nerdy synthpop DJ playing on the street? Niceeee.

There's a formula to a successful ensemble performance, and this cover of "Diamonds" does it well. NYU, this is amazing.

The best cover of Rihanna's "Diamonds" out there.

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Video Directed & Edited by Ryan Hutchins


Kiah Victoria

Cari Fletcher

Rachel Kanner

Hannah Taylor

Sabrina Reitman

John Phillips


Sonali Argade


Beat By: LOWBO

Executive Producer: Hannah Babitt

Producer: Alex Gresh, LOWBO

Engineer: Alex Gresh

Vocal Editors: John Phillips, Alex Gresh

Mixer/Masterer: Jason Moss

Executive Assistant: Greta Hayes

Video Production Manager: Hannah Babitt

Vocal Director: Hannah Taylor

Special Thanks: The Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music

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