The Best Way To Use Leftover Bread

If day-old bread could talk, it would say: “Please soak me in custard and bake me all over again.”

1. Blueberry Bread Pudding Recipe

Recipe here.

2. Savory Bread Pudding with Prosciutto and Gruyere

Croque-monsieur and mac n’ cheese had a love child and this is it. Recipe here.

3. Cinnamon Roll Bread Pudding

Sure, it’s a little decadent for the AM, but once upon a time, someone decided that cinnamon rolls were an appropriate breakfast food. And we all lived happily ever after. Recipe here.

4. Glazed Donut Bread Pudding

For anyone with the willpower to not eat all the donuts immediately. Recipe here.

5. Strata with Mushroom, Sweet Potato, and Bacon

Strata = fancy word for a savory bread pudding. Recipe here.

6. Blood Orange, Chocolate, and Salted Pistachio Rye Bread Pudding

If you don’t think rye has any business being dessert, now would be the time to reconsider. Recipe here.

7. Sour Cream and Chive Biscuit Bread Pudding

Biscuits are best straight out of the oven, but that’s no reason not to repurpose the leftovers. Recipe here.

8. Waffle Bread Pudding with Strawberry Sauce


Think of all that custard trapped inside the waffle squares. Recipe here.

9. Sweet Corn Bread Pudding

A twist on traditional cornbread, made with cornmeal, creamed corn, and an old baguette. Recipe here.

10. Bagel Pudding with Prunes and Raisins

A restaurant-worthy dish to make on a Sunday morning when you’re not up for braving brunch crowds. Recipe here.

11. Pork Sausage Bread Pudding with Aged Gouda and Sundried Tomato

Recipe here.

12. Brioche Nutella Bread Pudding

Nutella will never get old. Recipe here.

13. Bacon Bread Pudding with Tomato Jam

Yes, tomato jam is absolutely within your kitchen skill set. Recipe here.

14. Caramel Rum Banana Bread Pudding

Recipe here.

15. Peanut Butter Chocolate Croissant Bread Pudding

Recipe here.

16. Roasted Garlic and Leek Savory Bread Pudding

Sometimes, simple is best. Recipe here.

17. Coconut, Banana, and Lime Bread Pudding

Betcha didn’t think stale bread could be so exotic. Recipe here.

18. Artichoke, Spinach and Goat Cheese Strata

You could have an artichoke, spinach, and goat cheese salad for lunch. OR, you could bake those things with bread, eggs, and cream. Totally up to you. Recipe here.

19. Healthy Apple Bread Pudding

Recipe here.

20. Roasted Cherry Tomato, Corn, and Cilantro Bread Pudding

Quick, while these vegetables are still in season. Recipe here.

21. Pretzel Roll Bread Pudding

Recipe here.

22. Boozy Baked French Toast

Put it together at night, then bake it in the morning and you have the easiest brunch dish ever. Recipe here.

23. Croissant and Panetone Bread Pudding

Recipe here.

24. Ham, Asparagus, and Cheese Strata

Eggs inside, eggs on top! Recipe here.

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