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Here Is A Blog With Photos Of Vegan Food From Literally Every Single Country In The World

Proof that traveling while vegan is totally possible.

Animal rights activists Ryan Huling, 31, and Joel Bartlett, 34, are both avid travelers who've managed to stick to their vegan diets everywhere they go.

Facebook: riovegan / Via

This vegan take on classic Brazilian stroganoff, is served at Rio Vegano in Rio de Janeiro.

So, they decided to start a blog to prove that eating vegan while traveling isn't only possible, it can be downright delicious... / Via

This falafel from Paris's legendary L'as du Fallafel is just as tasty as any boeuf bourguignon you'd find at a Parisian bistro.

...and that cruelty-free food is a pleasure, not a burden.

Facebook: winterdr / Via

This root vegetable and hummus platter from Glo Laugavegi in Iceland.

Starting in early 2015, they posted one photo a day on Vegan Wanderlust, each one showcasing a vegan dish from a different country. / Via

Coconut-based cheesecake in a jar from the United Arab Emerates.

A few of the photos are taken by Huling and Bartlett, but most have been submitted by fellow vegan travelers.

Facebook: TheSomaliKitchen / Via

This sabaayad–flaky flatbread from Somalia.

They pledged to continue posting until every country in the world was represented.

Facebook: joel.bartlett / Via

A veggie burger from Guatemala.

Their project proves that veganism is possible anywhere, not just in affluent countries where an animal-free diet might be "trendy."

Bayo Adedge / Via

This is a banana with strawberry jam and "groundnut spread" (basically peanut butter) wrapped in flatbread, from Burundi in East Africa.

Some of the foods highlighted are decadently outrageous, like this "Vegan McGriddle" from The Badasserie in Downtown Los Angeles.

Others are simple and wholesome, like this plate from a restaurant in Benin, a tiny country in West Africa.

A lot of the dishes, like this communal bowl of rice topped with cassava leaves from Sierra Leone, are traditional local foods that just happen to be vegan.

Others are vegan versions of iconic foods, like this full English Breakfast from Cornucopia in Ireland.

There's even a plate of avocado maki served at a research station in ANTARCTICA.

Yesterday, the final photo was published on Vegan Wanderlust — a veggie plate from a Juice bar in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

So, never worry that you won't be able to find great, vegan food on your next exotic vacation.

Facebook: babettebakery

Vegan carrot cake from Babette Bakery in Luxembourg.

Delicious, animal-free options are available literally EVERYWHERE.

Facebook: vegdelightmalawi / Via

Fried potato pakoras from Veg-Delight in Malawi.

Head to Vegan Wanderlust to check out the complete list.