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    Posted on Jul 5, 2013

    The Definitive Ranking Of Classic Ice Cream Truck Treats

    Remember the ice cream truck of your childhood, and all of its magical frozen treats? Here they are, from worst to best.

    17. Super Twin Cherry Popsicle

    No cream, no chocolate, no fun. And two popsicle sticks? Wasteful. Also, awkward.

    16. Chocolate Eclair Bar

    Somehow, the magical combination that is chocolate and peanuts falls short. Meh, NEXT!

    15. Orange Creamsicle

    Props for trying to liven up boring popsicle with some ice cream, but, oranges and cream? No, thanks.

    14. Screwball

    But, whoever invented the screwball obviously failed to realize that when a gumball is stored in the freezer indefinitely, it turns into something that is NO LONGER A GUMBALL, but rather a rock hard orb of sugar that, even when thawed, is NO LONGER A GUMBALL.

    13. Super Mario Bar

    See "Screwball." Extra points for the artful presentation.

    12. Firecracker Popsicle

    Not great. But still, three flavors in one rocket. How do they even do it?!? And, obviously, very patriotic.

    11. Fudgsicle

    In an unexpected twist, chocolate flavored ice actually tastes alright.

    10. Ice Cream Chipwich

    In theory, these are excellent. In reality, the cookies get soggy, and that is not okay.

    9. Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich

    The problem: they forgot to put big chunks of oreo in the ice cream filling. Mistake.

    8. King Cone

    WIN. Best part? The giant hunk of chocolate at the bottom.

    7. Drumstick Sundae Cone

    Classic excellence of the king cone, injected with chocolate, then covered with even more chocolate.

    6. Klondike Bar

    Artificially flavored vanilla ice cream and chocolate flavored coating. Shouldn't be so good, buuuuuut.... What wouldn't you do for a Klondike Bar?

    5. Toasted Almond Bar

    Somehow, this almond-coated bar is just more... sophisticated, than its peanut covered friends. Also, delicious.

    4. Candy Center Crunch Bar

    Bite into chocolate, then get a bite of ice cream, then get ANOTHER REALLY BIG BITE OF CHOCOLATE YES PLEASE I WANT ONE NOW.

    3. Choco Taco

    Fantastic (ridiculous name notwithstanding). All the virtues of a drumstick but, BONUS, you get chocolate, wafer cone and ice cream in every. single. bite.

    2. Strawberry Shortcake Bar

    That fake-strawberry taste melds seamlessly with sub-par ice cream and tiny little "graham cracker" (who knows what they really are) pieces, and a star is born.

    1. Classic Ice Cream Sandwich

    From the indescribable cake-cookie hybrid that ends up all over to your fingertips, to the super-melty "vanilla" ice cream that inevitably oozes out of all four sides, the ice cream sandwich is perfection.