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Tell Us Which Of These 5 BuzzFeed Burgers Is Your Favorite

Our neighbors at The Ainsworth are putting a BuzzFeed Burger on the menu, and we need your help deciding what it's going to be!

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Here's the deal: Everybody loves burgers. Burgers are awesome.

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Like, maybe the actual best food ever. I know lots of people like pizza, but a burger has meat and often features vegetables (well, iceberg lettuce) and is therefore a more complete meal and is better, OK?

And, it turns out, a lot of people seem to really like BuzzFeed, too :)

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Awwww, shucks, you guys!

So, when the BuzzFeed team moved into our new offices in New York, our neighbors at The Ainsworth asked if they could put a BuzzFeed Burger on their menu, as a way to welcome us to the 'hood.

Pretty freaking awesome, right?

Instead of having our food editors decide on the BuzzFeed Burger, we thought it'd be more fun to let the BuzzFeed Community decide!

So, we came up with five Buzz-worthy burgers, then went to The Ainsworth for a preliminary tasting and photo shoot.

Here are the five burger contenders. Scroll through, DROOL, and vote for your favorite below!

1. The BACON BOMB BURGER features a bacon lattice topping, plus bits of bacon mixed into the beef patty.

Alexis Carranza

It's also topped with white cheddar cheese, iceberg lettuce, avocado, and mayo. Meat lovers, this one is a dream come true.

2. The BREAKFAST BURGER is served between two thick, hearty waffles, and it's got a fried egg, bacon, and cheddar.

Alexis Carranza

PLUS, there's a Sriracha mayo to tie everything together. Breakfast for dinner (or lunch)? I think YES.

3. The GRILLED CHEESE BURGER is literally a burger served between two grilled cheese sandwiches, with even more cheese melted on top.

Alexis Carranza

Caramelized onions are the finishing touch on this most perfect cheese-on-cheese situation.

4. The PIZZA BURGER is loaded with gooey mozzarella, pepperoni, and tomato sauce, and the whole thing is served on a buttery garlic bread bun.

Alexis Carranza

Did we mention the GARLIC BREAD BUN?!?!

5. The TACO BURGER is basically the best of two worlds, with a taco-seasoned patty, guac, tomato, shredded lettuce, cheddar, and chipotle mayo.

Alexis Carranza

It may look like a standard (enormous) cheeseburger, but the taco seasoning really helps take this one home. Plus, GUAC.

  1. Which of these is worthy of being deemed the Official BuzzFeed Burger?

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Which of these is worthy of being deemed the Official BuzzFeed Burger?
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    Bacon Bomb Burger
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    Breakfast Burger
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    Grilled Cheese Burger
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    Pizza Burger
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    Taco Burger

We'll announce the winner on BuzzFeed Food at the end of April, and the burger will be available at all Ainsworth locations in NYC starting mid-May.

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