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33 Of The Most Delicious Things You Can Do To Sweet Potatoes

A really good vegetable isn't afraid to be a little bit bad sometimes.

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1. Smoky Sweet Potato Burgers with Roasted Garlic Cream Cheese and Avocado

No one ever said you couldn't have your sweet potato and your burger and eat them, too. Because, well... why would anyone ever say that? Recipe here.

14. Heavenly Hasselback Sweet Potatoes

The only downside of sweet potatoes is that they don't have natural nooks and crannies for delicious toppings to get stuck in. The solution to this is to just make said crannies yourself. Recipe here.

20. Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Balsamic Brown Butter

If you love sweet potatoes and you love pasta, let me introduce you to sweet potato gnocchi, your new favorite food. Also there's brown butter in there. Recipe here.

29. Deliciously Healthy Sweet Potato Brownies

These have all kinds of good stuff like sweet potatoes and avocados and applesauce. Luckily, they also have all kinds of even better stuff, like cocoa and dates and walnuts. Recipe here.

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