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    Updated on Jul 7, 2020. Posted on Sep 10, 2016

    26 Genius Ways To Use Avocado

    There's a whole world beyond guacamole and avocado toast, people.

    Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

    1. Fry it into egg rolls.

    Just like your favorite appetizer from The Cheesecake Factory! Recipe here.

    2. Or, bake it into fries.

    Crunchy outside, creamy insides. Recipe here.

    3. Whip it into a vegan mayo.

    Basically guac that you can spread on a sandwich. Recipe here.

    4. Use it as a face mask.

    Leah Bergman /

    Avocado, is there anything you CAN'T do? Instructions here.

    5. Bake it into a dense, hearty pizza bread.

    Averie Sunshine /

    So much cheese, so much bread :) Recipe here.

    6. Or throw it onto an actual pizza.

    Maria & Josh Lichty /

    Because, pizza. Recipe here.

    7. Freeze it into ice pops.

    Lauren Hendrickson /

    Got too many ripe avocados? Freeze 'em into sweet treats and they'll stay good for months. Recipe here.

    8. Make healthier truffles.

    A no-cook, five-ingredient healthy dessert? Dreams do come true. Recipe here.

    9. Grill it and fill it.

    Amy Roth /

    These are filled with cherry tomatoes, herbs, and pine nuts, but you can pretty much use whatever you want. Recipe here.

    10. Turn it into ice cream.

    Low-carb and dairy-free, if you're into that kinda thing. Recipe here.

    11. Add tequila.

    Jerry James Stone /

    Always the answer. Recipe here.

    12. Marry guacamole and hummus.

    Twice as good, twice as good for you (?). Recipe here.

    13. Turn it into a magical vegan, gluten-free frosting!

    Definitely not flavor-free, I promise. Recipe here.

    14. While you're at it, make gluten-free, grain-free avocado brownies as a vehicle for the aforementioned frosting.

    Kristy Sayer-Jones /

    Double-cado. Recipe here.

    15. Use it as a deep-conditioning hair mask.

    Gus Engle /

    Avocados aren't cheap, but they're definitely less expensive than fancy salon products. Might as well give this a try! More instructions here.

    16. Mash it with yolks for next-level deviled eggs.

    Oh and also there's bacon involved. Recipe here.

    17. Grind the flesh AND the pit into a DIY foot scrub.

    Cari Dunn /

    Mind blown. Instructions here.

    18. Blend it into pesto.

    Pesto + Avocado = A rich, creamy spread that'll taste delicious on pasta and pretty much anything else. Recipe here.

    19. Make a cold summer soup.

    Zack DeStart /

    Crab and avocado salad? Of course. Crab and avocado soup? Why not!? here.

    20. Blend it into an easy, healthy pudding.

    Photograph by Yael Malka for BuzzFeed /

    This four-ingredient recipe comes together in a blender in just a couple of minutes. Recipe here.

    21. Use it to make creamy, dairy-free salad dressing.

    Megan Gilmore /

    Dairy-free caesar? Check. Recipe here.

    22. Or a no-mayo chicken salad.

    Recipe here.

    23. Mix it with sour cream for the ultimate Tex-Mex condiment.

    Then go ahead and put it on pretty much everything. Recipe here.

    24. Use it to make a cheesecake with no actual cheese.

    Heather Pace /

    Raw, vegan, and shockingly delicious. Recipe here.

    25. Mix it with green tea for a bubble tea smoothie.

    In case you've been looking for a way to turn bubble tea into a legit meal. Recipe here.

    26. Work it into a grilled cheese.

    *Drops mic*

    Recipe here.