21 Insanely Delicious Ways To Cook Ribs

Celebrate Labor Day with nature’s original food on a stick.

1. Best-Ever Barbecued Ribs

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Store-bought barbecue sauce is totally fine here, so get a bottle of your favorite and get cooking! Recipe here.

2. Sweet Tea Ribs with Lemony Potato Salad

Recipe here.

3. Chili-Glazed Spareribs

Recipe here.

4. Mahogany-Glazed Spareribs

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No, there isn’t any wood involved. Mahogany refers to the deep brown color that the soy-chili glaze turns when it’s grilled. Recipe here.

5. Sticky Asian Pork Ribs

This recipe calls for “pork loin ribs” which is just another name for baby back ribs. Recipe here.

6. Margarita-Glazed Baby Back Ribs

Tequila makes everything better, and this recipe uses it twice; first in the marinade, then again in the glaze. Recipe here.

7. Slow Cooker Barbecued Ribs

Set it, forget it, then go outside and soak up the end of summer knowing that when you get home, THERE WILL BE RIBS. Recipe here.

8. Memphis-Style Dry Spareribs

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“Dry” is a little bit of a misnomer — every time you bit into one of these, the fat from the rib gushes out and combines with the dry rub, and everything is perfect. Recipe here.

9. Hoisin and Ginger Spareribs

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There are a lot of flavors here, but the ginger really comes through and keeps everything fresh. Recipe here.

10. Barbecued Beef Back Ribs

Just like the classic, saucy baby back ribs, but with beef instead. Recipe here.

11. Asian Beef Ribs

This recipe, which calls for apple butter, is the perfect way to transition from summer to fall food. If you don’t have apple butter, you can use applesauce and add a little bit of extra sugar. Recipe here.

12. Smoky Beef Ribs with Sriracha Barbecue Beer Sauce

Recipe here.

13. Grilled Beef Ribs with Smoky-Sweet Barbecue Sauce

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Recipe here.

14. Texas-Style Beef RIbs

Everything is bigger in Texas, which in this case (and in most cases) is a good thing. Recipe here.

15. Korean Grilled Flanken Ribs

“Flanken cut” ribs are thinly sliced short ribs that are cut against the bone, so that each strip has multiple pieces of rib bone from different ribs. It’s a way to make short ribs — which are usually braised, since they’re so big — more manageable and quicker to cook on the grill. Recipe here.

16. Smoked Beef Ribs with Cherry Jalapeno BBQ Sauce


If you have a yard, it’s totally worth getting a smoker to use year-round for cooking meat, fish, and even vegetables. And these sweet, meaty beef ribs are a foolproof way to try it out. Recipe here.

17. Tandoori Lamb Ribs

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These are just all kinds of “YES!” Recipe here.

18. Sticky, Spicy Lamb Ribs

Asian spices and a little bit of fish sauce set these perfectly roasted, slightly funky ribs apart. Recipe here.

19. Tex-Mex Braised Lamb Ribs

By the time these come out of the oven, they’re perfectly tender and falling off the bone. Recipe here.

20. Grilled Lamb Ribs with Chimichurri

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Rich, crispy-on-the-outside lamb is brightened up with herb-filled chimichurri sauce. Recipe here.

21. Beer and Miso Lamb Ribs

Recipe here.

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