25 Party Appetizers That Should Be Banned For Life

    It's all fun and games until things come to room temperature and start to congeal.

    1. Tortilla "Pinwheels"

    If you can't serve anything better than deli meat and cream cheese wrapped in a store-bought tortilla, you probably shouldn't serve anything at all.

    2. Tortilla-less "Pinwheels"

    3. Communal Shrimp Cocktail

    4. Super Saucy Chicken Wings

    5. Towering Burger Sliders

    6. Short, Flattened Burger Sliders

    7. Deviled Quail Eggs

    8. Raw Broccoli/Cauliflower Crudité

    9. Anything on an "Amuse Bouche Spoon"

    10. "Secretly" Healthy Dip

    If you substitute non-fat Greek yogurt, PEOPLE. WILL. KNOW. Just stick with sour cream from now on.

    11. "Teriyaki" Meatballs

    12. "Low-Carb" Versions of Classic Appetizers

    13. Raw Fish/Meat in Cones

    14. Soup Shooters

    15. American Junk Food/Dim Sum Hybrids

    Enough with the buffalo chicken wontons and the reuben spring rolls.

    16. "Stuffed" Cucumbers

    17. "Actually-an-Entree-Just-Smaller" Appetizers

    18. Cheese Plate on a Stick

    19. Appetizers That Look Better Than They Taste

    20. Crustless Mini-Quiches

    The crust is essential. It is what masks the fact that a mini quiche wants to shrivel up and die.

    21. Stuffed Mushrooms

    Even the most expertly stuffed mushrooms congeal at room temperature.

    22. "_______" Puff Pastry Bites

    23. Trail Mix

    24. Poorly Conceived Cheese Balls

    25. Kale Chips