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25 Party Appetizers That Should Be Banned For Life

It's all fun and games until things come to room temperature and start to congeal.

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3. Communal Shrimp Cocktail

Individual portioned shrimp cocktails in cute glasses with a little shot of cocktail sauce? OK. Giant plate of sad, pale shrimp that everybody at the party gets their hands all up in? No.

8. Raw Broccoli/Cauliflower Crudité

Raw carrots, cucumber, tomatoes, bell peppers, etc. make totally decent crudité, if vegetables are your jam. But cauliflower and broccoli should never be served raw. No amount of dip will mask the taste of "tree."

9. Anything on an "Amuse Bouche Spoon"

The oddly shaped spoons mean you have to open your mouth really wide, chomp down, and swallow pretty forcefully. And then there's the problem of what to do with the empty, slobbery spoon.

12. "Low-Carb" Versions of Classic Appetizers

Bacon wrapped asparagus is great, but subbing zucchini for bread and calling it bruschetta is not cool. Ditto anything with a "portobello bun."

13. Raw Fish/Meat in Cones

This one isn't your fault: The restaurants started it. No one wants to start the night feeling confused by the juxtaposition of chewy raw meat and a crunchy cone. Also, after more than an hour on the table these become a legitimate food safety hazard.

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