These Might Just Be The Best Damn Lobster Rolls In NYC

    Spending next weekend in the city might be a very good idea.

    1. If you're looking for a simple menu in a swanky 'hood, try Ed's Lobster Bar.

    2. If you need variety, try Luke's Lobster.

    3. If you really love mayonnaise, try Mary's Fish Camp.

    4. If you want lobster but also need red meat, try Red Hook Lobster Pound.

    5. If you're open to other crustaceans, try The Crabby Shack.

    Get a lobster roll and a crab roll. The lobster roll is good, but the crab roll stands out as the best (and best value) item on their menu. Try it with a side of corn bread ($2) or crab mac and cheese ($11).

    Where: 613 Franklin Ave, Crown Heights

    Cost: $13 for the crab roll, $20 for the lobster roll

    6. If bacon and avocado are staples for you, try Lobster Joint.

    Get the lobster club roll, which is tossed with fresh herb mayo and includes avocado and crispy bacon and tastes great alongside a lobster claw bloody mary ($12). On weekends, Lobster Joint serves impressive brunch items like lobster rancheros and lobster benedict (both $24, including coffee and a brunch cocktail).

    Where: 1073 Manhattan Ave., Greenpoint

    Cost: $23

    7. If you prefer to wash your lobster roll down with a frozen rosé cocktail, try Extra Fancy.

    8. If you want a super classic, fresh lobster roll, try Greenpoint Fish & Lobster Co.

    9. If you want waterfront dining, try City Island Lobster House.

    10. If you're looking for an out-of-the-box date spot, try Littleneck.

    11. If you want just the right amount of kitsch, try Kittery.

    Want more? We teamed up with New York Live's Lauren Scala to taste three of these lobster rolls. You can watch the video here.