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7 Easy Ways To Meal Prep Like A Boss

Weekdays are so much easier when everything is already cooked.

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2. Cook a frittata over the weekend, then reheat leftovers all week.

Frittatas are delicious, but they're also packed with protein. And they're CHEAP. This one has sweet potatoes, which means you'll also be getting a good dose of energizing carbs. Recipe here.

3. Pick a new grain every week to use as a base for healthy dinner bowls.

Cooked whole grains make a great base for bowls filled with veggies and protein (also prepped ahead of time, duh). To keep from getting bored, cook a big batch of a different grain every week. Or stick to what you love, if that's workin' for you. Learn more here.

4. Make a big batch of granola bars for a healthy, filling, grab-and-go breakfast.

Homemade granola bars taste so much better than the packaged version. Plus, you can pick your favorite add-ins for extra flavor. Recipe here.


6. Make five packable, healthy lunches with just a couple hours of cooking.

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The lunches are healthy, but they're also delicious. Learn more here.