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27 Make-Ahead Breakfasts That Are Actually Good For You

Is anyone else's healthy eating resolution getting in the way of sleeping in as long as humanly possible?

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4. Freezer Breakfast Sandwiches

So, it's really up to you how healthy these are. Maybe lose the cheese, and swap in whole grain English muffins, you know? But, anything you make from scratch and freeze yourself will be healthier and probably tastier than what you find in the freezer section of the supermarket. Recipe and instructions here.


10. Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Breakfast Cookie

If you're trying to eat healthier this year, it probably isn't a good idea to stop at your coffee shop and get a pastry in the morning. But, these breakfast cookies? These are a very good idea. Recipe here.


14. Overnight Slow Cooker Apple-Cinnamon Steel-Cut Oats

Steel-cut oats are far superior to instant or rolled oats. The texture is better and they're less processed, which means they're probably better for you. The problem is that they take 30 minutes to cook, and who has that kind of time in the morning? But, cooking them overnight in a slow cooker? Problem solved. Recipe here.

15. Spinach and Caramelized Onion Frittata With a Sweet Potato Crust

Why use flour and tons of butter to make a crust, when you can use sweet potatoes instead? For maximum crispiness, heat a small skillet, add a slice of leftover frittata, then warm it in a hot oven until it's heated through. Recipe here.


24. Vegan Blueberry Banana Spelt Muffins

With lots of fruit, nuts, and no refined sugar, these are a great for mornings when you're feeling something carb-y. (Psssstt... spread them with a little bit of nut butter for some fat and protein to keep you full until lunch.) Recipe here.