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Here's What A Food Blogger Actually Eats In A Day

When you're surrounded by so much delicious food all day, isn't it hard to choose?

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Meet Lexi Kornblum, the woman behind the healthy, Paleo-ish food blog Lexi's Clean Kitchen.

Kristin Chalmers

Lexi started her food blog in 2013 as a side project (she was working as a full-time art teacher). She had been posting healthy, Paleo food photos and recipes on Instagram after overhauling her own diet for health reasons, and commenters started asking if she had a blog. She started the blog partly as a response to these commenters, and since then has grown Lexi's Clean Kitchen into an online destination for whole foods–based, Paleo-friendly recipes. Now Kornblum is a full-time blogger, and she just released her first cookbook.

I was curious to know what Lexi — whose job it is to constantly be experimenting with healthy food and creating new recipes — ate in an average day.

I asked her to keep a food diary (with photos) to record a fairly typical day of eats.

7:30 a.m.: Coffee with collagen.

Alexis Kornblum

"I wake up every morning and make myself my coffee and add 1 tablespoon of collagen protein. Collagen (gelatin) is great for your joints, skin, hair, and so much more, and it dissolves and is totally tasteless. I’ve been putting it in my coffee for years!"

9 a.m.: Eggs, veggies, and avocado

Alexis Kornblum

"I sit down with breakfast and get the day going. Today’s breakfast is a poached egg, a big pile of leftover veggies, and some diced avocado. I top it with hot sauce, too! Carbs, protein, and fat usually make up my breakfast — they're great for post-workout meal or just for fuel for the day!"


12:45 p.m.: Egg salad lettuce wrap.

Alexis Kornblum

"I have a leftover lettuce wrap from my New York trip, so I eat that for lunch. It has egg salad, tomato, and onion on it. These lettuce wraps are perfection. I wish I could get mine to look so good! Then off to the park for a few minutes to get some fresh air for Jax (my golden retriever) and me."

4 p.m.: Yogurt and granola.

Alexis Kornblum

"I was still a bit hungry from lunch, and since I’ve been tolerating a bit of dairy (I don't often eat it), I had some organic yogurt with the gluten-free granola from the Lexi’s Clean Kitchen cookbook in the afternoon. I always have a big batch of granola on hand for a snack."

7 p.m.: Takeout sushi.

Alexis Kornblum

"On nights when my husband and I decide not to cook (like tonight), we often split takeout sushi. I do cook most nights, but sometimes you just don’t feel like it, you know? Our other go-to is to order in big salads, but tonight was a sushi night."