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19 Reasons Leftovers Are The Best Part Of Thanksgiving

Every year, you make way too much food for Thanksgiving. On purpose.

1. Because sandwiches.

2. You don't really need a Thanksgiving Sandwich recipe, because it's straight up All The Leftovers On The Bread.

3. But there are some tricks to elevating that basic sandwich: Consider a "moist maker."

4. Like all things, Thanksgiving Sandwiches are improved with cheese.

5. Want to really get fancy? Slap on some brie.

(The brie/cranberry combination can work sans turkey, too, if you're in a meatless mood).

6. Even blue cheese, the most controversial of the the cheeses, gets along with Thanksgiving leftovers.

7. Pearl onions get overlooked on turkey day in favor of more fashionable sides; the Thanksgiving Sandwich is their time to shine.

8. Maybe consider embracing Thanksgivukkah, and making your sandwich with latkes this year.

9. You know what's better than bread sometimes? Tortillas.

10. And, the Thanksgiving Sandwich isn't the only option: why not a Thanksgiving hand pie?

11. Heck, even salad is delicious when adorned with Thanksgiving leftovers.

12. Thanksgiving and pizza. Better together? Probably.

13. If too much celebrating leaves you feeling under the weather, leftovers can nurse you back to health.

14. These fried stuffing balls will blow your mind.

15. More leftover mashed potatoes than you know what to do with? Put them in a waffle iron:

As for dessert, don't just bake one pie. Bake ALL THE PIES.

16. Because, LOTS of leftover pie means LOTS of opportunities to experiment with ice cream pairings.

17. Also, an excuse to blend an entire slice of pie into a big bowl of ice cream and devour.

If you don't have a blender, just use a fork.

So, go forth and celebrate Thanksgiving to the max.

Or, Thanksgivukkah, if that's your plan this year.

Seriously, create as much food as possible on Thanksgiving day.

So you can fill your plate to the brim...

18. ...but still wake up the next morning to...

19. ... the best part of the best holiday ever.

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