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    27 Perfect Cheese Dips You Should Definitely Make

    Cheese will always be there for you. Cheese will never let you down.

    Design by Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    1. White Pizza Dip

    If anything about this is wrong, I don't wanna be right. Recipe here.

    2. Copycat Chili's Queso

    Why go out when you can Netflix and chill with this guy? Recipe here.

    3. Queso Fundido With Chorizo

    Girls just wanna have fundido. Recipe here.

    4. Sriracha Queso

    Fast, easy, and just hipster enough. Recipe here.

    5. Sweet Onion Dip

    6. Baked Fontina Garlic Cheese Dip

    Bend me, bake me, any way you want me. Recipe here.

    7. Pepperoni PIzza Dip

    Marry me. Recipe here.

    8. Cheese Sauce

    J. Kenji López-Alt /

    Classic American good looks. Recipe here.

    9. Warm Bean Dip

    So simple but so satisfying. Recipe here.

    10. Avocado Feta Dip

    Guacamole, meet Cheese.

    *Drops mic*

    Recipe here.

    11. Bacon Cheeseburger Dip

    Almost too many good qualities to even count, tbh. Recipe here.

    12. Hot and Cheesy Roasted Red Pepper Dip

    Hot (and bothered) and cheesy, amirite? Recipe here.

    13. Three-Cheese Hot Artichoke Dip

    Three is better than one. (Right?) Recipe here.

    14. Hot Asiago Crab and Artichoke Dip

    Nothing to be crabby about with a skillet of this stuff in front of you. Recipe here.

    15. Butternut Squash Goat Cheese Dip

    FALLing hard for this one. Recipe here.

    16. Reuben Dip

    It's like a deconstructed sandwich bathing in a mountain of cheese. Recipe here.

    17. Philly Cheese Steak Dip

    Oh hello there, I almost didn't even recognize you. Recipe here.

    18. Hot Cheesy Corn Dip

    Corny AND cheesy but somehow still pretty damn charming. Recipe here.

    19. Warm Goat Cheese Dip With Artichokes and Roasted Tomatoes

    This one's a little bit classier, but still very much down-to-earth. Recipe here.

    20. Warm Fennel and Parmesan Dip

    Enough vegetables in this one that you can feel OK about just going for it. Recipe here.

    21. Buffalo Chicken Beer Cheese Dip

    Literally overflowing with excitement. Recipe here.

    22. Charleston Cheese Dip

    Ritz + Bacon + Cheese = Husband Material. Recipe here.

    23. Baked Pimento Cheese Dip

    If you're feelin' like something with a little Southern twang. Recipe here.

    24. Baked Blue Cheese

    Part blue cheese, part cream cheese, this dip is just funky enough. Recipe here.

    25. Chicken Enchilada Dip

    (Enchi)Lotta strong feelings about this. Recipe here.

    26. Slow Cooker Spinach-Artichoke Dip

    Just as perfect, even more convenient. Recipe here.

    27. 5-Ingredient Slow Cooker White Queso

    Yes please. Recipe here.