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7 Easy Ways To Eat A Little Healthier This Week

If you're set up for success, getting through the holidays will be a breeze.

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1. Roast a big batch of vegetables in your slow cooker. It's going to be a busy week, so you'll want to have veggies cooked and ready to go.

Making your vegetables in a slow cooker means you don't even need to stick around while it happens. Throw them on salads or a grain bowl, fry an egg to put on top, or serve them alongside some kind of meat or fish.

3. Invest in some basic kitchen tools that'll make it easier to cook healthy food quickly.

Here are 15 things you might want to get if you're trying to eat healthier. Some things, like a vegetable spiralizer, have pretty specific applications. But others, like a food processor, will make it easier to do a huge variety of kitchen tasks.

4. Turn holiday leftovers into something healthy!

These leftover turkey toasts — some healthy, some admittedly less so —are a great way to make the leftover meat from your holiday feast feel like something fresh and new. A lot of them would also work with chicken, ham, roast beef, or whatever it is you're having.


5. If you're thinking about making a big dietary change in the New Year, do lots of research beforehand and make sure it's really something you want to and are able to do.

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Here's a comprehensive guide to the paleo diet, and here's what you need to know if you're thinking of going vegetarian. These are only a couple of the popular diets that you might be looking to try, and you should talk to a doctor or nutritionist before making any big dietary changes.

6. Try a mason jar salad for an on-the-go lunch that's healthy, portable, and also just really fun.

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It's more fun than bringing a salad in an old tupperware. Plus, those layers can be anything you want! Here are 18 mason jar salads to get you started.

7. If you're hosting a holiday breakfast or brunch, make a frittata instead of muffins or pancakes.

The protein from the eggs will probably keep everybody fuller longer, plus it's an easy and delicious way to eat vegetables in the morning. These mini frittatas are great if everyone is grabbing food from a spread and mingling. This sweet potato, kale, and goat cheese frittata