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    Here's Some Food That's Been Painted To Look Like Other Food

    Is that an orange, or is it a tomato?

    Tokyo-based artist Hikaru Cho is a master of illusion.

    Currently a student at Musashino Art University, Cho's portfolio ranges from clay sculpture to stop motion video to clothing design, and much of the body painting she does is downright chilling. Lately, she's been intricately painting certain everyday food to look just like other foods, and the detail is so intricate that some of her designs might just fool you.

    Here's a banana that makes a pretty convincing sardine.

    Here's some iceberg lettuce...

    ...that's actually a watermelon!

    How 'bout a clementine?

    NOPE. Actually a tomato.

    And by now, you probably know that this ISN'T an eggplant.

    But, would you ever have guessed that it's an EGG?

    Check out more of Hikaru Cho's art here.

    h/t FoodBeast